Krishna Pendyala Launches ChoiceLadder To Remedy Worldwide Need For Choice-Making Skills

Noted author and keynote speaker sets out to enhance critical judgment skills for individuals and organizations through the ChoiceLadder Institute

Feb 23, 2016, 08:37 ET from ChoiceLadder

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ChoiceLadder, a personal, professional and organizational program providing training and education in the skills of conscious judgment and values-centered choice-making, announces its worldwide launch today.

The ChoiceLadder Institute recognizes that individuals and organizations overemphasize performance and leadership development while overlooking the value and impact of cultivating an effective choice-making skill-set aligned with defined core values, a prerequisite for strong leadership. They aim to simplify the skill of human judgment and the process of making choices in a way that will positively impact effectiveness at every level of an organization, from individual performance enthusiasts to C-suite executives at the top of the career ladder.

ChoiceLadder is founded by noted author, speaker and social entrepreneur Krishna Pendyala. After more than 25 years as an academic, technology entrepreneur and financial services executive and coach, Pendyala spent the past three years as president of Mindful Nation, speaking around the world and working alongside leaders, veterans, teachers, care providers, entrepreneurs and front-line workers. His interaction with hundreds of other individuals following the release of his critically acclaimed book Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing Success and true Happiness helped him gain further insights into the human condition.

"If life is a product of your choices, shouldn't you be investing time and effort to learn the basics of how to make those choices?" asks Pendyala. "Most people simply accept that only experience will refine judgment. At ChoiceLadder, we believe that judgment and choice-making are skills and can be taught. No course has offered this basic training until now."

The ChoiceLadder Institute has assembled a team of experts and advisors, with knowledge based in deep personal experience as well as active participation in practical research. Built on a foundation of research from four fields: decision psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking and behavioral economics, the workshops and keynote addresses are designed to help participants examine the many subconscious choices they face every day and learn to approach them with clear focus, established values and defined purpose. ChoiceLadder delivers the skills necessary to reach the highest level of conscious decision-making.

"ChoiceLadder's program is a valuable resource on so many levels," said Steve Cordasco, Founder and CEO of Cordasco Financial Network, whose firm participated in ChoiceLadder's inaugural workshop in Philadelphia. "Participating in the workshop gave us an opportunity to reevaluate the choice-making process in our professional and personal lives, coaching us toward an elevated level of effectiveness."

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