KT Launches Public Cloud With Higher Performance, Lower Pricing Than Amazon's EC2

Dec 20, 2010, 10:09 ET from Cloudscaling

SEOUL, South Korea and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- KT (formerly Korea Telecom) has launched the Asia-Pacific region's first public cloud that outperforms Amazon Web Services (AWS) and does so at a lower price. The public cloud, called ucloud Compute Service (ucloud CS)  was built collaboratively by Cloudscaling and KT.

The most common AWS configuration is an m1.small instance, priced at $61.20 US per month. The equivalent ucloud CS configuration is a 1 virtual core / 2 GB RAM instance, priced at $49.94. This represents a savings of approximately 18 percent. Additionally, ucloud CS configurations include 100 GB of free bandwidth, valued at approximately $10.

AWS is generally among the most aggressively priced public cloud services.

ucloud CS is based on the same architecture used by successful public clouds. These clouds are built using commodity hardware, open-source software stacks and highly automated system management that reduces operating costs when compared to clouds built on more expensive enterprise IT architectures. ucloud's architecture delivers performance on par with or exceeding several well-known public clouds including Amazon EC2. Recent benchmarking demonstrated this with KT's private cloud:  http://bit.ly/hKXIDM.

The performance and price competitiveness of the commodity cloud model has been proven by public cloud leaders including AWS, Google and Rackspace. KT partnered with Cloudscaling because it is the only firm in the market focused on the commodity cloud model.

"We think that KT — and all major operators — can compete and win in the cloud," said Jung-sik Suh, senior vice president of the Cloud Services Business Unit at KT. "We have several major strategic advantages that the major public clouds do not. These include network assets, bandwidth, geographic dominance and expertise in billing and services delivery. Combining a commodity cloud approach with our unique assets, we can offer a cloud computing service that is highly competitive with industry leaders like AWS EC2."

"Using a highly automated, commodity-equipment-based, free and open-source cloud design is the only way to come close to the aggressive price and performance that the market has come to expect from leaders like Amazon," said Randy Bias, CEO of Cloudscaling. "KT is clearly an innovator among telcos, and they've leveraged their strengths to emerge as the cloud computing leader in the Asia Pacific region."

Other key partners in the ucloud CS project include Intel, Citrix, Arista, Nexenta, enStratus, Cloud.com and Quanta.

About KT

KT is Korea's largest fixed-line operator, second largest mobile carrier and leading cloud services company. ucloud is the comprehensive brand under which KT offers a full suite of cloud services. More about ucloud CS (KT's on-demand computing service) at http://cs.ucloud.com/

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