Kuarup Assumes Curatorship of Works of Taiguara

Agreement allows for management of unpublished songs and lyrics without a publisher of the most censored musician in the history of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music)

Oct 22, 2013, 17:26 ET from Kuarup

SAO PAULO, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The record label Kuarup has signed a contract with the heirs of singer and composer Taiguara to undertake a curatorship of his work. The project will involve publication of the artist's songs that do not have a publisher, a number of unreleased songs, release of new recordings, re-release of some albums that are out of print, a documentary, TV shows and a book on the war that the composer waged against censorship. 

The first fruit of this curatorship is already in stores.  It is a release awaited for many years by Brazilians and Taiguara's fans,  the album Imyra, Tayra, Ipy, one a masterpiece by this musician and considered one of the 300 greatest albums in the history of the country.  The phonograms for this album belong to EMI.  Released in 1976 in Brazil and withdrawn from circulation by the military dictatorship 72 hours after its release, Imyra is the result of the direct censorship imposed on Taiguara, who was the target of several government investigations at that time for his criticisms of the regime as well as for his ties to, and sympathy with, communism.  

The album was never again released in Brazil, and curiously, the rights to the album were purchased by Japanese producers, who released a CD edition in 1980. Now, to the delight of connoisseurs, collectors and journalists, the work has been authorized for a new national release after 37 years, and is currently in stores, with distribution by Sony Music.

"We are very proud of the trust that has been placed in us by the heirs of Taiguara," said Rodolfo Zanke, artistic director at Kuarup. "Taiguara has a large body of work of high quality.  Our aim is to offer more products for his old fans, and to introduce his work to younger generations."

As the journalist Tarik de Souza wrote on the new release of Imyra, there are those who associate the unusual name of Taiguara only with his ballads and hit songs at the end of the 60's and start of the 70's, such as Hoje, Universo no Teu Corpo, Teu Sonho Nao Acabou, Que as Criancas Cantem Livres and Viagem, among others. But Taiguara Chalar da Silva (1945-1996), son of accordion player, Ubirajara Silva and the tango singer, Olga, has a much richer track record than that. A naturalized Brazilian who was born in Uruguay and brought up between Rio and Sao Paulo, he made his debut in bossa paulista in 1964, sponsored by the singers Alaide Costa and Claudette Soares. His premiere album, with arrangements by Luis Chaves of the Zimbo Trio, received emphatic praise by Edu Lobo ("he has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard"), and Luis Eca ("he's not just a singer, he's a real musician").

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