Kudan Gives Away $1 million Worth of Augmented Reality Software Licenses

Dec 09, 2015, 10:42 ET from Kudan Limited

BRISTOL, England, December 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Kudan, the Augmented Reality software provider is giving an early Christmas present to its' developer ecosystem. 650 free SDK licenses, to the value to $1 million will be issued to selected developers, with priority given to those with working AR apps and prototypes.

The initiative coincides with the end of the successful 3-month long Developer Preview period of the Kudan AR Engine, during which time feedback has been immensely positive.

Experienced Augmented Reality developer Berenice Terwey of AVK stated "the tracking quality is impressive - much better than Metaio's"

Adam Horvath, professional Unreal Engine developer said "recognition is immediate!"

"I'm impressed with the tracking, much better than ARToolkit" said Tariq Naseem, Chief Developer at Carbon Imagineering.

Kudan invites developers to showcase their apps and designs in order to secure their free license. Developers must have signed up with an existing Bundle ID before December 1st 2015.

New developers are now able to download the full-featured Version 1.0 of the Kudan AR Engine. Kudan is pleased to also announce that downloads will always remain free, with a license key required only for live applications.  This novel approach allows unrestricted access to the software and is designed to lower the barrier to entry of a professional AR development kit for academics and indie developers.

Tomo Ono, Founder and Managing Director of Kudan, said, "We've received a lot of positive feedback based on the developer preview. We want to thank our supporters by donating US$1 million of free licenses and also continuing to let developers download and develop applications with our AR Engine for free"

2016 is set to be the breakthrough year for computer vision based applications and Kudan is now the only provider to offer a modern Augmented Reality Engine that can be ported to a number of different types of devices, including but not limited to, smart phones, tablets, IoT sensors, computers, smart glasses and head mounted displays.


SOURCE Kudan Limited