Kwicr Releases The First-Ever "State Of Mobile Broadband Report"

Data-driven analysis of mobile broadband networks based on millions of users in 150 countries shows that mobile app performance is dramatically affected by bandwidth variability - even within a mobile app session

Jul 15, 2015, 11:15 ET from Kwicr

BURLINGTON, Mass., July 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Kwicr today released its "Mobile Broadband Report: Quality of Delivery for Mobile Apps," the industry's first global study and analysis of the impact of mobile broadband on mobile app performance. Kwicr's analysis of traffic from millions of mobile app users across the globe over three months revealed that the traditional metrics used to gauge the quality of cellular and Wi-Fi networks – throughput and latency – do not adequately reflect users' mobile app experience due to "bandwidth variability" within and across mobile app sessions. The company's research marks the first time this variability has been measured and analyzed on a global scale.

Kwicr's report is based on the analysis of more than 350,000 mobile app sessions from April 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. Kwicr measured all aspects of mobile sessions and calculated packet loss, throughput, the standard deviation of the throughput and the coefficient of variation (CV) of the throughput for each session. Statisticians prefer CV because it makes it possible to compare app sessions with different throughputs.

Kwicr found that packet loss and bandwidth variability occurred almost continually even within individual app sessions. TCP/IP was originally designed for fixed line networks and automatically slows throughput when packet loss is detected. As a result, TCP/IP often slowed throughput far below what was actually possible on the mobile networks analyzed.

The resulting data sheds new light on Quality of Delivery (QoD), or the speed at which a mobile app can reliably send and receive data without stalls, excessive buffering or other lapses in performance. QoD is important because it directly impacts the user experience, abandonment rates, usage frequency and other key business metrics for mobile apps.

"This study proves throughput and latency are great for measuring the performance of wired networks, but they are misleading when measuring mobile broadband," said Sean Welch, president and CEO of Kwicr. "With the unique data from our Mobile Delivery Network, mobile app owners can finally see where this extreme variability is affecting their app's performance and the overall user experience. Faster networks and more capacity are simply not enough. The problem is bigger and more complex."

Some of the key findings of Kwicr's Mobile Broadband Report include:

  • 4G LTE Is No Performance Guarantee – 4G networks measured an average throughput of 3.06 Mbps, 128% faster than 3G, and yet the two types of networks had nearly identical bandwidth variability ratings, indicating that 4G does not address the underlying issues associated with QoD.
  • Faster Throughput, Variable ExperienceSingapore had the fastest average throughput for both cellular (3.55 Mbps) and Wi-Fi (4.33 Mbps) networks, but also very high bandwidth variability rates that were second only to India.  (Notably, all of the countries and regions tested by Kwicr had CVs in excess of 1 showing that even on the best networks users regularly experience bad mobile app sessions.)
  • Packets Getting Lost Globally – On a global basis, 56% of Wi-Fi sessions and 35% of cellular sessions experience packet loss. Hong Kong had the highest rate for cellular and India for Wi-Fi.

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