KYON Launches the KYON Pet Tracker: The Pet Collar Re-Invented

KYON also announces a Kickstarter campaign to attract early support for this one-of-a-kind wearable device

Mar 16, 2016, 14:23 ET from KYON

ATHENS, Greece, March 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- KYON announced the launch of the KYON Pet Tracker today, the first all-in-one pet collar that provides a unique opportunity for owners to communicate with their pets. The KYON collar comes equipped with embedded GPS technology and an LED display that makes communicating with pets easier than ever before. The collar works together with a user-friendly mobile application that enables owners to monitor, track, and receive information or alerts about their pets. You never have to wonder or worry about how your furry friend again.

KYON also announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that aims to attract backers' support to put the KYON collar into production. You can learn more about the campaign at

The KYON collar enables pet owners to always know where your pets are and how they are doing. Working together with your phone or KYON's Basestation, the collar establishes a safe zone of 65 to 300 ft. If your pet escapes that range, you immediately receive a push notification on your cell phone and a message appears on the collar's LED display that says, "I'm lost, please call 555­1234…" -- a big step up from "Lost Dog" fliers on telephone poles­. This capability is built on brand new 3D GPS tracking technology that locates pets with great precision (even down to the floor it is on) thanks to the altimeter with 3 inches sensitivity.

In addition to location tracking, KYON also provides peace of mind while owners are away. Separation from pets is not easy, and KYON's 9­-axis accelerometer enables you to monitor your pet's activity levels over time, so you can always know if your little friend is happy or in need of attention. The collar also comes with a heat sensor, so if a pet is overheating and at risk of heat stroke, a message will appear on the collar's LED display that says "I'm hot", as well as on your phone. Moreover, KYON can detect if your pet has fallen into a pool, enabling you to swoop in to the rescue.

Owners can use the KYON collar to set notifications about important dates, such as veterinarian appointments, that are delivered to both the LED display on the collar and the mobile app. All together, these features ensure that owners are able to access the information they need at all times to adequately care for and ensure the wellbeing of their pet.

"The KYON collar gives pets a voice," said co-founder Leon Yohai. "Our product is unique and ensures beloved pets are healthy and happy, while also preserving owners' peace of mind. You never have to worry about your pet being too hot or lost, or that you forgot their medication. The KYON collar empowers pet owners to take the best care of their pets as possible."

The stylish KYON collar is engineered to be durable, water resistant and comfortable. Unlike collar add-ons that are easily shaken off, KYON can withstand whatever your pet can throw at it. KYON is made of high quality thermoplastic elastomer and designed to cover all international safety standards. The battery can last up to 30 days, depending on usage, and can be fully recharged on the sleek Basestation. The Basestation is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth modules to communicate frequently with the collar, the mobile app, and the KYON server.    

KYON's co-founder Leon started KYON because he wanted a better collar for his 9-year old Maltese, Charlie. Leon traveled extensively for work and realized there was no device available that would allow him to track Charlie and monitor his well-being from afar. With all the innovation happening in the wearable market, he saw an opportunity to create a product that embedded sophisticated technology inside a uniquely designed pet collar.   

"We started two-and-a-half years ago and have made multiple prototypes," said Yohai. "The final design is the thinnest smart collar available for small size pets, which will prevent your dog from being sick, lost or injured. We are so excited that this revolutionary technology is now ready for production."

KYON costs $249. An additional monthly cost of $4.99/month is also required as a service fee, which covers the cellular network costs that enable an owner to continuously locate a pet in real‐time in 120 countries around the globe. The collar fits dogs and cats over 7 pounds, with a 10-20 inches in neck. All KYON customers are provided with 24/7 customer support and can be contacted via email at or via hotline tel. +19172849501 (US), +442038070085 (UK) and +30 2130117400 (central line)

About KYON
KYON was founded in May 2013 and launched in February 2016. The team is made up of a highly specialized  team  of  engineers,  designers,  marketers  based  in  Greece,  all  dedicated  to reinventing the dog collar.  

KYON Pet Tracker is a one-­of-­a-­kind pet wearable collar that makes communication with pets even easier. The KYON collar includes embedded GPS, mobile technology and LED screen that is safe and comfortable for pets. It uniquely combines common collar functions with advanced technology to locate a pet at all times and provide information on its activity level. The collar works together with KYON's user­ friendly mobile application, which allows owners to monitor, track, and receive information or alerts 24/7.