La mujer del coronel, a novel by renowned author Carlos Alberto Montaner, celebrates one year as a Latin American bestseller

Jun 27, 2012, 14:46 ET from PRISA Ediciones

MIAMI, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- One year after its publication, La mujer del coronel, the latest novel by renowned journalist and author Carlos Alberto Montaner, remains in the Spanish-language bestselling lists.

Since it hit the market in June 2011 the book has continued to appear on Amazon's bestseller list in the Latin-American Literature category -- and has remained in the top ten of Alfaguara's (its publisher) list of bestselling works of Fiction in the United States.

The novel recounts the story of Nuria, an attractive 40-year old psychologist, who is married to Colonel Arturo Gomez -- an honorable and heroic man who she loves deeply. A brief trip to Italy where she has been invited to participate in a conference will change her life forever. At the conference Nuria meets Professor Martinelli, a consummate eroticist, and is soon lost in a sensually-charged game where each erotic encounter is followed by explicitly sexual letters. Letters she carefully destroyed to hide from the all-seeing eyes of Cuban counterintelligence… or so she thought.

La mujer del coronel is a gripping and warmly erotic tale of love, adultery, sexual exploitation and violence. It is no wonder the book has enjoyed such tremendous success for an entire year. "Being among Amazon's Latin American bestsellers, that electronic jungle, for twelve months, is like surviving for an entire year in the actual Amazon jungle, [a place] full of lynxes, gargantuan snakes, and crocodiles," commented the author, Carlos Alberto Montaner. With respect to the book's success in its digital format, Montaner declared that "the experience of virtual books is something entirely new. [We] have to learn to survive in that peculiar universe."

La mujer del coronel is available in bookstores throughout the country and in digital bookstores in electronic format.

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