LA Shriners Hospital for Children Installs New AirPurge System to Minimize the Threat of Air Bubbles in I.V. Lines

Dec 08, 2015, 09:24 ET from Anesthesia Safety Products

WOBURN, Mass., Dec. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Anesthesia Safety Products  designer and manufacturer of fluid management devices, recently installed their new AirPurge System in Shriners Hospital for Children, Los Angeles. It is the first installation in a Shriners Hospital for Children network in the US. Used in the OR and PACUs, the System is unique for the detection, automatic removal and disposal of potentially dangerous air bubbles in I.V. lines. Over 1.3 million surgeries in the US will result in VAEs – Venous Air Embolism.

The compact AirPurge device traps and disposes Air Bubbles Automatically. It monitors and detects the I.V. line for any air bubbles as small as 25 microliters, at fast and slow infusion rates. Any manual intervention is eliminated, minimizing interruptions and delays for the medical staff.

"The AirPurge System has given us great confidence in our ability to safely deliver medication and fluids to our children. It has largely eliminated the threat of air bubble IV line contamination for our patients. We deem it a major advance in patients' safety and we find it easy to set up and use," said Frederic Bushnell, MD, MBA, Anesthesiologist, Shriners Hospital for Children, Los Angeles.

"Children Hospitals have additional challenges to help ensure that even small bubbles don't reach the fragile patient during a procedure," said Ihsan Haddad, President of ASP. "Our device provides these special clinicians peace of mind while allowing them to focus on other matters in the OR. It is easy to set-up and operate".

The First Available Stand-Alone Air Bubble Removal Device for Hospital IV lines - 
Hospital staff is in constant alert as necessary in preventing air bubbles from entering veins, especially children. Venous embolism is a risk in all areas of clinical care. The close-loop, patented technology automatically purges the air, reverting back to free flowing fluid within seconds. The AirPurge System single-use, cartridge is convenient and easy to use.

The AirPurge System is easily used by itself or integrated with a fluid/blood warmer and selected infusion pumps to capture air bubbles generated during the heating/infusion process.

About: ASP develops and markets fluid management devices to advance clinical and operational safety and efficiencies for the OR & PACU. The company has four (4) Issued US Patents and other Patents Pending.

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