Labor Day Weekend is the Perfect Time for SoCal Travel with State Van

The long Labor Day weekend is too often used to plan for autumn, but with State Van, there is still plenty of opportunity for relaxing late-summer travel.

Aug 22, 2013, 20:37 ET from State Van Rental

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Without the spectacular celebrations of 4th of July or the early summer excitement of Memorial Day, the long Labor Day weekend is too often an overlooked holiday. However, the late August and early September-period is prime time for a road trip in Southern California, and you can do so in style with the incredible van rentals from State Van. Whether you choose their conversion van for a luxurious family vacation or a cargo van rental to travel safely and comfortably with bulky cargo, at State Van, your vehicle will be top quality, and always reliable. That's why, for band van rental necessitating secure transportation of expensive instruments and electronics, or even 15 passenger Chevy Express vans, the team at State Van assures customers that their travel will always be enjoyable and stress-free.  

All over the country, people are packing up their cabanas, covering up the pools and breaking their winter coats out of the closet in preparation for the impending autumn season. Yet, while it's true the weather will begin to turn cool in a matter of weeks in most of the country, in Southern California, warm summer weather is still at its peak! That's why the Labor Day holiday weekend is perhaps the best time of the year to bask in the fun and sun of the famously beautiful region. The frequently congested roads are often clear, as many vacationers have already headed home, and business travel is still in its off-peak summer mode. Yet, in contrast to many larger, corporate rental companies, at State Van, you can expect first class service and reliability when booking at any time of the year.

For over 10 years, State Van has been in the rental business. Though their team is experienced in renting all types of vehicles, they chose to specialize in van rental because they knew it was a specialty they could do better at than any other company. Thus far, they have done precisely that, with a diverse array of vehicles for nearly every need and first-class service throughout the entire rental experience. Their top quality guarantees that your Southern California travel will be relaxing from start to finish.

While many people are already gearing up for the frantic pace of fall, you can still enjoy the slow, relaxed pace of summer in SoCal this Labor Day with a State Van excursion. Whether you're traveling with your family or friends, or picking up holiday gigs with your band, the team at State Van is sure to have the ideal transportation for your needs. For rental vans that feature all the utility you expect without sacrificing hospitality or competitive rates, schedule your rental with State Van today.  More information about State Van can be found at

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