Laboratory Medicine Unplugged: Podcast with Dr. Eric Topol

Dec 06, 2012, 10:49 ET from AACC

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On December 6, AACC's Clinical Chemistry Journal will release a podcast with Dr. Eric Topol on "lab-on-a-chip" technology – technology that will create a paradigm shift in how healthcare is delivered to patients. With lab-on-a-chip technology, smartphones will bring the laboratory to the patient, instead of the patient being brought to the laboratory.  





Chief Academic Officer at Scripps Health, cardiologist Eric Topol has done much to expand our understanding of how genetics can determine a person's health risks. Dr. Topol has also been involved with wireless medicine since its inception and was the first physician to serve on CardioNet's Medical Advisory Board in 1999. Recently, he wrote "The Creative Destruction of Medicine," a book that introduces his thoughts on a new approach to healthcare—bringing the era of big data to the clinic, laboratory, and hospital. 



December 6, 2012

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Clinical Chemistry opinion piece


Smartphones are creating a seismic change in healthcare.

As the mHealth Summit in Washington, DC, this week has made clear, the increasing prevalence of smartphones and the technological advances in mobile technology have created a game-changing opportunity to improve health outcomes for patients around the world. With personal technology, doctors can see a full, continuously updated picture of each patient and treat each individually. In the December issue of AACC's Clinical Chemistry journal, Drs. Eric Topol and Ravi Komatireddy wrote an opinion piece on the extraordinary new opportunities that exist with mobile technologies and how these innovations will change the future of laboratory testing. In this podcast, Dr. Topol discusses how the new lab-on-a-chip technology can improve health outcomes for patients by bringing the laboratory to the patient, rather than bringing the patient to the laboratory.



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