LabTech Announces RMM Migration Tool Saves Conversion Time

Jun 01, 2010, 12:00 ET from LabTech Software

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- LabTech Software understands most IT service companies use a RMM tool right now to deliver IT services.  The transition from their existing RMM solution to another could be difficult and time consuming.  Since LabTech has the most powerful automation available in its RMM tool, it has leveraged this automation expertise to create the LabTech RMM Migration tool.  Large migration steps that took days can now be completed in minutes.

The first problem the LabTech RMM Migration tool solves is rolling out the LabTech agent and logical organization of the computers.  The source of the data can be flat data files or a direct connection to their existing RMMs database.  The tool allows partners to import their Client, Location, and Machine organization into LabTech.  Specific clients can be selected, or all clients can be imported simultaneously.  When the LabTech agent is installed on the computer, it will automatically check into the correct client and location.  The solution can save IT service providers days of labor during the migration process.

Many IT service providers have spent countless hours creating and managing their script library.  LabTech scripting has many similar functions as other RMM Tools, so with some intelligent technology the LabTech RMM Migration tool imports LabTech scripts and logical folder organization.

The LabTech RMM Migration tool does not have any licensing fees associated with it and can be acquired from the sales team at LabTech Software.  The tool is currently in Beta release and is available to a limited number of IT service providers.  

RMM Tools that may be able to export data compatible with or accept connections from the LabTech RMM Migration tool are Kaseya, Zenith InfoTech, GFI Max, PacketTrap, and many others.  

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