LabTech Software Integrates Intel vPro KVM Capabilities to Reduce Partner Costs, Minimize Client Downtime

Jan 17, 2013, 09:00 ET from LabTech

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LabTech Software the only powerful, robust-featured remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform developed by a managed service provider (MSP) for managed service providers, today announced that it is providing enhanced integration with Intel vPro technology to better enable remote systems management and recovery, helping eliminate expensive onsite visits, increase technician productivity and minimize client downtime.


The new LabTech out-of-band management redirector interface provides MSPs with the ability to take control of a remote computer's keyboard, video and mouse in a similar way they can when using VPN except that the integrated Intel vPro KVM allows this to occur even if the operating system (OS) is not operational or if a PC is shutdown.

Intel vPro technology-enabled systems managed by LabTech single-click connect capabilities can be diagnosed and remedied, regardless of the state of the desktop or notebook OS, including application failures caused by system blue screens, patch management failures resulting in OS failures or startup failures that prevent machines from booting.  The ability to watch the boot sequences, access the BIOS, perform Windows repairs and any other offline function remotely reduces support costs by eliminating customer site visits and PCs returned for repair.

"It's rare that I'm truly blown away by today's technology but seeing a product feature we've been ignoring for two years become accessible to us through LabTech was simply amazing," said Alan Sielbeck, President and Co-Founder of Safe Networking Solutions. "The way LabTech takes advantage of the Intel vPro feature set benefits our business and our customers in many ways.  We can provide an even higher level of service for the same cost as competing MSPs while saving on labor expenses by supporting customers without having to go to their sites.  LabTech is the only RMM platform that makes Intel vPro features both easy-to-use and profitable to implement."

Intel's integration with LabTech vastly reduces the setup requirements to fully leverage Intel vPro across client sites. LabTech natively inventories Intel vPro capable machines, supports single click provisioning (vPro 6.5 and higher) and power control -- right out-of-the-box. Intel vPro KVM support is available to LabTech partners at no additional cost.

"LabTech is committed to extending our solution by seamlessly integrating widely available vPro technology that allows MSPs to simply click and remotely connect and control machines without the need to manually visit them," said Matt Nachtrab, LabTech Software CEO. "Intel vPro-based PCs typically experience half the average downtime of a non-vPro PC and vPro further reduces the need for IT service providers to make onsite visits to repair OS or hardware failure and reduced overall supportability costs.  This integrated solution is an excellent way for our partners to make faster repairs, avoid computer site visits and improve customer service levels, all of which lead to increased revenue."

LabTech Software and Intel are co-hosting the webinar "How vPro Can Help You as an IT Service Provider Today" January 18th at 3 p.m. ESTDrew McCallum, Senior Product Manager at LabTech Software, and Eric Townsend, SMB and MSP Marketing Director for Intel Corporation, will discuss how existing LabTech partners and new MSP prospects can reduce onsite visits and return shipments of devices, increase technician productivity and reduce end-user downtime to improve customer satisfaction and lower overall support costs.  Additional information is available at

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