Laid-Off Employees Share Jobs Across Social Networks with Transition Concierge 3.0

New outplacement solution from RiseSmart makes it easy to share job leads, events and advice on Facebook, Twitter and 270+ other social networking sites.

Mar 29, 2010, 10:00 ET from RiseSmart

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 29 /PRNewswire/ -- RiseSmart, a leading provider of Web-enabled outplacement and job search services, announced that Transition Concierge™ 3.0, its next-generation outplacement solution that combines online tools with one-on-one human support to reduce time to placement, is leveraging the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to help laid-off employees find new, relevant jobs faster.

"Transition Concierge has become an indispensable job-search management system and source of actionable job leads for thousands of workers who have lost their jobs over the past two years," said Sanjay Sathe, founder and CEO of RiseSmart.  "With the release of Transition Concierge 3.0, we now enable employees to share job leads – as well as career advice, notice of upcoming job fairs, and other helpful information -- with everyone in their social networks.  It's another way that our solution combines search technology with human interaction to put folks back to work."

Transition Concierge 3.0 significantly expands the capabilities of the original Transition Concierge service, launched in 2008.   A primary distinction of Transition Concierge 3.0, compared to traditional corporate outplacement offerings, is that the solution provides highly personalized job leads to each employee on a weekly basis.

RiseSmart uses proprietary aggregation and semantic search technology to match each employee's job preferences against hundreds of thousands of active job listings across the Web.  Then, a specialist assigned to the employee's account hones these results by hand -- ensuring that only pertinent leads are delivered to each employee.

The new social networking components of Transition Concierge 3.0 enable employees to:

  • Network with LinkedIn contacts for target positions.  Whenever the employee receives a job lead, he or she can view and network with all LinkedIn contacts at the target employer with a single click within the Transition Concierge 3.0 interface.
  • Share jobs with contacts on Twitter, Facebook and 270+ other social networks.  If an employee is interested in learning more about a job opportunity from friends and colleagues -- or passing along the lead to a contact for whom it might be more appropriate -- Transition Concierge 3.0's sharing feature enables employees to do this quickly and easily.
  • Share job-search advice, upcoming events and Webinars, articles and blog posts, and more. Transition Concierge 3.0 regularly pushes helpful career content and tools to employees, which can now be easily shared.  Employees can pass along their success stories, give colleagues the inside track on a company or position, and start conversations about every aspect of the job search process.

"Companies pay a lot of money to provide outplacement services to employees, but the offerings of traditional providers – such as group counseling and the use of office space – are so outdated that 40 percent of laid-off workers don't bother to show up," Sathe said. "Transition Concierge 3.0 is different, because employees love it and see the direct impact it has on managing their job search and getting them back to work quickly."

On average, workers who use Transition Concierge 3.0 to manage their job search are placed in new positions 43 percent faster than the national average, Sathe said.  This helps employees while also benefiting employers by reducing severance costs, unemployment taxes, and other layoff-related expenditures.  

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