Lambert & Lambert Licenses Pet Invention to As Seen on TV Marketer

Feb 14, 2013, 16:06 ET from Lambert & Lambert

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A new dog leash invented by a woman in Idaho was recently introduced through infomercial.  The Instant Trainer(TM) is a humane solution that stops dogs from pulling when being walked and greatly improves the walking experience for both dogs and their owners.

Lambert & Lambert, the licensing firm that put the deal together, released the news now that the product hit store shelves at Walmart, Target, and others.  Trevor Lambert, the president of Lambert & Lambert said, "We are happy to facilitate deals between independent inventors and companies well-positioned to commercialize new inventions.  It's truly satisfying when we are also involved in design and development like with the Instant Trainer(TM) and so can contribute on multiple levels to make the invention a success."

Terry Silva, the inventor of the Instant Trainer(TM), initially developed the product for her 110 pound German Shepherd-Alaskan Husky mix after he dragged her across the street, causing cuts and bruises that sent her to the emergency room.  "I went to the Dollar Store and purchased a bunch of dog collars and linked them together over his spine and around his abdomen," said Silva.  "I was pleasantly surprised when it worked, so I had a sturdier one made that my dog Ziggy loved!  He walked by my side and I never had to put any pressure on the new leash."

Like most inventors who develop their invention, Terry determined that licensing it to a company with connections at retail would be the best option.  That's when she reached out to Lambert & Lambert, an industry expert, to help her design and market her new invention, make presentations, and negotiate the license deal.  "Working with Lambert & Lambert has been a pleasure.  They are true professionals and I couldn't have done it without them."

"Terry is one of those inventors you just love seeing be successful," said Trevor Lambert.  "She was level-headed, developed a solid team, and now is enjoying the royalties from the deal.  Inventors could learn a great deal from her success story."

Lambert & Lambert is a marketing and licensing agency representing inventors with innovative inventions and new products in a broad range of consumer markets.  The Instant Trainer(TM) is available online at

Tim Sherman, Director of Customer Service

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