Landmark Discovery Uses Equivio's Predictive Coding Technology to Re-Engineer Managed Review Services

Summary: Landmark Discovery has adopted Equivio>Relevance to support its Structured Review Program (SRP™). Equivio's predictive coding technology supports a Smart Discovery model, enabling Landmark Discovery to reduce review volumes and costs, while also reducing risk and enhancing defensibility for its Am Law 100 and Fortune 500 clients.

May 26, 2011, 03:02 ET from Equivio

NEW YORK, May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Landmark Discovery, a provider of premier managed document review and advanced data prioritization solutions to law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced that it has adopted Equivio>Relevance technology to support its Structured Review Program.

As a key component of the Structured Review Program, Equivio>Relevance has been successfully implemented by Landmark Discovery at some of its Am Law 100: Top 10 and Fortune 500 clients with resounding acclaim.  Compared to incumbent methods, which are often based on keyword searching and linear review, the approach both reduces the total volume of documents to be reviewed and results in earlier discovery of key evidence.  Based on recent cases, Equivio>Relevance retrieves over 80 percent of the relevant documents, as opposed to 20-30 percent using keyword searching.

"Our mission has always been to bring total review spend reduction strategies to our clients.  For most managed review firms, these strategies are for obvious reasons, not an internal priority. Our customers come to us for intelligent solutions combining best-of-breed technologies and premier managed review services that are designed to drive unprecedented savings, value, and control in review" said Sanjay Manocha, Principal at Landmark Discovery. "As a key component of Landmark Discovery's Structured Review Program, Equivio>Relevance is helping us bring about the change that our clients have been striving to find in the industry.  With Landmark Discovery's proven Structured Review Program, legal teams are able to discover key evidence more quickly by reviewing smaller volumes of data, and achieve tremendous gains in productivity.  This leads to significant cost savings and a lower risk of missing crucial data."

Equivio>Relevance leverages innovative predictive coding technology to introduce a higher level of flexibility, control, and accuracy into the e-discovery process. Based on initial input from an experienced attorney, Equivio>Relevance quickly and reliably assesses document relevance. This enables the data set to be reduced to a much lower, workable volume. Equivio>Relevance achieves high levels of recall and precision, helping overcome the challenges of over- and under-inclusion that characterize traditional keyword-based culling methods. By organizing the review set according to relevance scores, Equivio>Relevance supports early case assessment, pre-filtering and prioritization of review. The product can also be used to enable systematic quality assurance via analysis of the human review output.

"The key to bringing down total e-discovery costs is through efficient and intelligent management of high-volume document review. Traditional review methods, based on keyword searches and unstructured review, are not designed to meet today's discovery challenges," said Amir Milo, CEO of Equivio. "Landmark Discovery has been very successful at leveraging our expert-based predictive coding solution in its Structured Review Program, giving its customers a key competitive advantage by accelerating document review, improving accuracy and minimizing risk."

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