LanguageWire and Sitecore: Reach Out to Global Markets Faster

Nov 09, 2015, 08:00 ET from LanguageWire

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, November 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

A partnership between LanguageWire and Sitecore makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to reach out to global markets. The partnership has resulted in the creation of 'LanguageWire Sitecore Connector' - a product that makes it possible to administrate a website in multiple languages in just a few simple clicks. The automatic link between a company's Sitecore solution and LanguageWire's innovative translation platform provides access to over 5,000 specialised translators all over the world.  

The internet and globalisation have created many opportunities for Danish companies, making it now easier than ever before to communicate globally. Today the website has become the foundation for most companies to communicate with its existing and potential customers. If a company operates in several markets, translations into local languages ​​are an important and often time-consuming task. And time is a crucial factor when you're competing to be the first on the market.

For many years, LanguageWire has had a head start over competitors with its translation platform AGITO. Now the final part of the value chain between the customer's content system and AGITO has been digitalised, making it even faster and easier for companies to reach out to global markets with locally adapted and targeted content.

- It's an inherent part of LanguageWire's nature to constantly seek and develop new solutions that will make it even easier for our customers to communicate internationally. This solution means we can reduce the time spent on translation of web content in Sitecore by about 20 minutes per page per language, explains Jesper Lehrmann, Product Manager in LanguageWire and former advisor at one of Denmark's largest implementation partners. He continues:

Save a month's work 

- Our calculations show that a company with a new website of, let's say, 100 pages, which has to be translated into five languages, can reduce the amount of time spent by a massive 10,000 minutes, corresponding to over a month's work, or 167 hours. This quickly becomes a lot of money in terms of pounds and pence.

'Language Wire Sitecore Connector' makes it easy for the customer to translate single pages or a brand new website simultaneously. Once the first language is ready in Sitecore, you can directly request to have the other pages translated from there. The pages are translated and are then automatically made accessible in Sitecore, so the customer can easily approve and publish texts directly in Sitecore. 'Language Wire Sitecore Connector' can also be used for other 'marketing automation' functions in Sitecore such as newsletters and social media.


Spearheaded by partner Daniel Nørgaard, Immeo has assisted LanguageWire with the architecture, design and implementation. He has several years of experience implementing Sitecore solutions and architecture from his role as former Service Director in Sitecore Nordics.

- This solution differentiates itself from its counterparts by focusing on the user experience throughout the entire value chain. This means that both the website editor, who works with content on a daily basis, as well as the developers who implement the solution, typically based with the Sitecore partner, benefit from the user-friendly, web-service based solution . From a technical point of view, other similar solutions use a file interface, while we use a service interface that makes it easier for users because they can simply just point out the elements they want translated, concludes Daniel Nørgaard.

As a result of our involvement with this project, LanguageWire has become a 'Sitecore Gold Technology Partner'.

LanguageWire Sitecore Connector Video 

Read more and watch the specific video about the connector solution here .

LanguageWire in brief 

Since 2000, LanguageWire has built a solid reputation for quality translations and superior technology solutions, and today we enjoy a leading position amongst translation companies worldwide. Based on innovative technology and proven results, our 5,000+ specialist translators and proofreaders annually translate over 120 million words for about 2,000 internationally-active customers.  LanguageWire has offices in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK, as well as a research centre in Kiev. 

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