Lantiq and ASSIA Announce Collaboration on Vectored VDSL Networks

Management is Key to Vectored VDSL for Next-Generation Broadband Speeds of 100 Mbps

Oct 16, 2012, 04:00 ET from Lantiq

AMSTERDAM, Oct. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Broadband World Forum Europe 2012 -- Lantiq, which offers the broadest portfolio of highly integrated, flexible end-to-end semiconductor solutions for next generation networks and the digital home, and ASSIA, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance software tools for dynamic spectrum management (DSM) of digital subscriber line (DSL) and Wi-Fi networks, today announced that they are collaborating to maximize the performance of vectored VDSL technology.

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Under the terms of a recently-signed memorandum of understanding, the two companies have outlined the terms under which they intend to collaborate on management of vectored VDSL systems. In addition, Lantiq will receive a license to ASSIA's intellectual property for Lantiq's vectored VDSL chipsets, and ASSIA will receive a license to Lantiq's intellectual property relating to DSM management platforms. 

The collaboration will support the ongoing worldwide transition from ADSL to next-generation vectored VDSL networks, which are capable of delivering speeds of 100 Mbps and greater over existing copper loops. As operators and regulators increasingly recognize copper as the most cost-effective mechanism to deliver high-speed broadband, advanced management systems to optimize vectored VDSL networks play a key role in next generation network deployment. The Lantiq-ASSIA effort addresses these management requirements.

"ASSIA is the leader in developing dynamic spectrum management and vectoring technology for maximizing DSL network performance to provide cost-effectively the next generation of broadband speeds exceeding 100 megabits per second," said Dan Artusi, CEO at Lantiq. "As a result of our relationship with ASSIA, Lantiq expects to deliver the full benefits of vectored VDSL, regardless of deployment scenario, and set the highest standards for product performance."

DSM enables service providers to automatically optimize the rate and reach of their DSL services, while minimizing operating costs, through advanced, root-cause diagnostics, analyses, and performance management. The latest generation of management techniques, DSM Level 3 or Vectored VDSL, can deliver VDSL data rates in excess of 100 Mbps for fiber-fed DSL access multiplexers (DSLAMs) in the neighborhood, at the curb, and in the building. DSM technology also enables service providers to extend further the useful life of the copper infrastructure and compete effectively with more expensive passive optical networking (PON) and hybrid fiber coax (HFC) services.

Vectored VDSL enhances DSL speeds by greatly reducing crosstalk among lines attached to a particular DSLAM. To fully realize the potential speed increase, however, the effects of other significant and destabilizing sources of interference, such as crosstalk from other DSLAMs and noise from external sources, must also be managed. ASSIA's DSL Expresse® management products enable broadband service providers to diagnose, manage, and predict the performance of their DSL platforms automatically in all deployment scenarios.  Service providers can increase their ROI substantially by implementing ASSIA DSL Expresse, designed to support vectored VDSL networks.

"ASSIA is pleased to work with Lantiq to advance the performance of vectored VDSL," said Dr. John Cioffi, ASSIA's chairman and CEO. "Technology leaders such as Lantiq are making it possible for service providers to realize the full potential of the technology by ensuring cross platform support, full management data access, standardized management interfaces, and performance optimization.  The combination of ASSIA's DSM technology with Lantiq's vectoring chipset solutions will increase service provider confidence in the vectored VDSL investments that many are planning or considering."

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