Lap Band Surgery at the Brand Surgical Institute Provides Patients With Incredible Weight Loss

Surgeons at the Brand Surgical Institute perform the Lap Band procedure on countless patients who need them in order to lose weight and live a more productive life

Mar 24, 2011, 16:03 ET from Brand Surgical Institute Public Relations

LOS ANGELES, March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of individuals all over the country suffer from obesity, preventing them from living an active lifestyle, as well as causing a number of health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. All together these co-morbidities can reduce a person's life expectancy by as much as twenty years. At the Brand Surgical Institute in Glendale, a team of experienced surgeons provides patients with life changing weight loss surgeries that not only allow for rapid weight loss in Los Angeles, but do so in a way that is safe and reliable.

The Brand Surgical Institute specializes in the Lap Band procedure, which is a revolutionary aid in helping people lose their excess weight. As opposed to the gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy procedures, which require a re-rerouting of the digestive system, the Lap Band procedure makes no permanent changes to internal tissues and is adjustable. The minimally invasive nature of the Lap Band in Los Angeles decreases the risk of infection, decreases scarring, and sharply decreases pain and patient downtime. Dr. Paya and Dr. Lyass are the resident bariatric surgeons at the Brand Surgical Institute, and are both diplomats of the American College of Surgeons and certified by the American Society of Bariatric Surgeons. In addition they are involved in the field of bariatric surgery on an academic level, having given medical lectures throughout the country and having their writings published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals. The immense skill and experience that these surgeons possess ensures that patients receive a level of care that leaves no room for complication.

By undergoing the Lap Band procedure at the Brand Surgical Institute, patients are able to get their lives back on track and live a longer, healthier life. Located in Glendale, the Brand Surgical Institute provides surgical procedures for a variety of patient needs, including cosmetic surgery, tubal reversal, and weight loss surgery.

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