Larry Jaeger Unveils Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD

Highly Regarded Dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Jaeger Introduces a New Line of Healthcare Products Designed to Treat Common Ailments.

Mar 19, 2012, 09:00 ET from Derek Richards

NEW YORK, March 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Doctor Lawrence Jaeger, the pioneering dermatologist and Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates and central park medical associates (ADA), is introducing a revolutionary new line of personal healthcare products to the public entitled Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD. A collection of unique formulas, each product is designed to address and treat a common ailment that afflicts a large percentage of the population.

Through his commitment to the field of dermatology and extensive experience, Dr. Jaeger was able to identify the most frequent problems bothering patients. The purpose of Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD is to address the underlying cause of the problem, as opposed to merely treating the symptoms. As he has recently stated, "Each formula has been tried & tested with remarkable results that have benefited those in need."

Lawrence D Jaeger D.O. suggests that those suffering from maladies such as hair loss & skin conditions seek products that are professionally tested and clinically proven. Too often, people scour the Internet in search of "miracle cures" that turn out to be gimmicks designed to pilfer money from unsuspecting victims. Many of these products contain harmful and untested chemicals that end up doing more harm than good. Instead, he suggests that people give Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD a try and let the positive results speak for themselves.

Particularly appealing is his solution for hair re-growth, entitled HairRegain. Larry Jaeger has gone on record stating that "over 2.75M in New York alone suffer from hair loss." We all hate to admit it but hair loss can seriously affect both your appearance and self-esteem. HairRegain addresses the problem at its root.

Dr. Jaeger has spent a significant portion of his professional career researching common problems that plague a large sector of the population. The culmination of his efforts is Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD. Through this varied, unique and distinct line of symptomatic specific products and therapies, Dr. Jaeger hopes to bring a sense of stability back into his patients' lives.   

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger is the Medical Director at Advanced Dermatology Associates with two offices located in the Bronx and one in Manhattan. Their website is: He is also the producer of Natural Therapy by Mother Nature MD – a line of personal healthcare products.

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SOURCE  Derek Richards