Larson Electronics Announces Addition of Trunnion Mounted High Intensity LED Light Bar

Sep 12, 2011, 09:00 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Magnalight LEDP5W-12ET LED Light Bar from Larson Electronics is a versatile and powerful light source designed to provide trouble free operation and versatile mounting, even in demanding and extreme conditions. This 60 watt LED light bar produces 5,556 lumens of light, and is designed to withstand the extreme conditions often associated with marine and industrial operating environments. IP68 rated waterproof to three meters and able to resist the damaging effects of salt water, vibrations, and sandy or dusty conditions, these LED light bars also offer multi-voltage capability and a versatile trunnion mounting system that provides 270 degrees of vertical adjustability after mounting.


The LEDP5W-12ET light bar draws only 5 amps at 60 watts when connected to a 12 volt electrical system, yet produces a well focused 5,556 lumen light beam reaching up to 500' in length when used in spot mode. An optional flood configuration provides a shorter and wider beam for more widespread light coverage of large areas.  This LED light bar contains advanced PWM circuitry that provides precise control of the light's operation, allowing users to connect external dimmers or pulse generators to an extra connecting wire and cause the light to dim, flash or strobe as desired. This advanced circuitry design also provides active temperature and voltage control, reducing heat to prolong the life of the LEDs, and allowing the unit to be connected to voltages ranging from 9 to 46VDC without the need for additional external hardware or transformers. An included trunnion mounting system provides added mounting versatility and beam direction adjustability, by allowing the light to be permanently affixed into place, yet still adjusted through 270 degrees of vertical movement, simply by loosening two thumbscrews and repositioning the light head. Stainless steel hardware provides resistance against damage from the elements and corrosive salt water marine environments. This powerful and compact LED light bar is only 3.9" wide, by 2" deep, by 5.5" high, allowing users to mount this light in places where incandescent halogen lights of comparable output will not fit. The housing on this unit is constructed of extruded aluminum and rated IP68, giving it extreme durability and the ability to resist the intrusion of water, dust and sand, even when submerged or exposed to very windy conditions. The 12 CREE XLamp XPG® five watt LEDs in this unit provide high power and reliable output and are rated at 70% lumen maintenance, even after 50,0000 hours of use. This LED light bar offers durability and power that makes it ideal for applications such as marine or industrial operations where a highly reliable and efficient source of illumination is needed.

"The LEDP5W-12ET is designed for ultra-rugged applications in the heavy equipment, commercial fishing and military vehicle sector," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "With IP68 construction, CREE XPG LEDs, thermal management and integrated Pulse Width Modulation, the LEDP5W-12ET LED light represents a powerful, compact alternative to HID and halogen lighting options for all types of harsh environment applications.  Moreover, this LED light model contains our latest design in optics which delivers a directed spot beam or a flood beam with substantial coverage."

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SOURCE Larson Electronics