Larson Electronics' Releases Portable Pedestal Mounted LED Blasting Light

Oct 02, 2012, 09:10 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics' has announced the release of a portable pedestal mounted LED blasting light designed to provide powerful illumination in a conveniently portable package.  Producing output comparable to a 400 watt metal halide work light, the BL-150W-PM LED Blasting Light can illuminate 18,000 square feet of work space, yet is small enough to carry with one hand.  Highly durable and built for industrial work applications, this LED blasting light can withstand the most demanding work conditions while providing high quality light output.


The BL-150W-PM LED Blasting Light from produces 14,790 lumens of light output for effective coverage of up to 18,000 square feet of work space.  This portable LED blasting light is designed for high durability and convenient operation with an IP68 rated waterproof LED lamp that produces output comparable to 400 watt metal halide lamps while using a fraction the amount of electrical power.  The 150 watt LED lamp assembly is waterproof and constructed of extruded aluminum with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens for excellent resistance to damage from water, impacts and dropping.  The lamp assembly is fitted with Cree Xlamp© LEDs which provide 50,000 hours of operation and the most reliable and powerful LED light output available.  The LED lamp is mounted within an aluminum pedestal style mounting base that allows operators to easily carry the unit from one location to another and simply place the unit on any flat surface when ready to use.  These work lights are highly stable and won't easily tip over or fall and can withstand impacts from dropping or accidental abuse that would cause most incandescent or HID work lights to fail.  The pedestal base is constructed of high strength aluminum for light weight and high durability, and a set of thumbscrews allow users to adjust the angle of the LED lamp as desired for the best coverage of the workspace.  Larson Electronics' equips these LED work lights with a waterproof transformer assembly that allows operators to run the unit from standard 120-277 VAC wall outlet power for added practicality and convenience.  An included 50 feet of heavy duty cord and standard straight blade plug provides ample length for moving the light about the work area and secure connections. These LED blasting lights are well suited to the harsh conditions of media blasting operations and offer high output and long life without the high heat and fragile construction of traditional metal halide lamps.

"The BL-150W-PM LED blasting light is light-weight and easy to carry up ladders and scaffold, making it ideal for workers who need a portable light that can take a lot of abuse while delivering nearly 15,000 lumens," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics'  "Simple peel-off covers are available to protect the LED light lens from damaging abrasives."

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SOURCE Larson Electronics