Larson Electronics' Releases Class 1 Division 2 LED Light with Marine and Salt Water Type Approvals

Jul 31, 2012, 09:10 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ by Larson Electronics has announced the addition of an LED light fixture designed to provide upgradability and high output as well as resistance to the damaging effects of wet and corrosive marine environments. Carrying Class 1 Division 2 and UL 1598A Marine Type approvals, the HAL-48-2L-LED provides an affordable alternative to more expensive LED fixtures while providing the upgradability and light weight those fixtures cannot offer.


The HAL-48-2L-LED hazardous location LED light  provides operators with a rugged LED lighting solution that offers the ability to replace or upgrade lamps for higher output and longer fixture life. Constructed of copper free aluminum with a corrosion resistant high gloss aluminum reflector assembly, this fixture is ideal for use in marine environments where wetness and the corrosive effects of salt water are issues. Class 1 Division 2 approved, this light is suitable for environments where flammable chemicals and vapors may be encountered and is popularly used within the offshore petrochemical industry. The high output LED lamps installed in this unit produce 15% more light than comparable fixtures fitted with 54 watt T5HO bulbs, yet uses less energy. These LED lights have a 5300K color temperature, which gives them very good color rendering and contrasting properties and makes them an ideal lighting solution for areas where close work is performed. Unlike more expensive integrated LED fixtures, the HAL-48-2L-LED allows operators to replace lamps as they reach the end of their service life or higher output versions become available. Whereas a typical integrated LED light fixture must be replaced if the operator desires higher output or it reaches the end of its service life, operators can simply replace the lamps in the HAL-48-2L-LED as needed for less than $100.00 in cost. With a 50,000 hour rated service life, operators will not need to replace lamps for years, but since Magnalight normally offers bulbs with up to 30% higher output and an average of every six months as LED technology continues to advance, the serviceability of these lamps offers excellent value and cost effectiveness. With no ballast or heavy cast aluminum frame, these hazardous location LED lights are also lighter in weight, making installation and servicing easier and less costly than with integrated LED fixtures. Additionally, most manufacturers require several weeks of lead time to deliver comparable units to customers. Larson Electronics' Magnalight however maintains a ready inventory of approved fixtures, allowing them to provide short turnaround and in many cases same day shipping. The HAL-48-2L-LED is a highly versatile, upgradeable and serviceable LED lighting solution that provides the safety of UL hazardous location approval and the durability of corrosion resistant construction. Ideal for offshore petrochemical industries and approved for Class 1 Division 2 locations, this light is an affordable and serviceable alternative to more expensive integral LED fixtures.

"The HAL-48-2L-LED Class 1 Division 2 LED light produces 15% more light than comparable fixtures fitted with 32 watt T8 bulbs, yet uses less energy," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics'  "This hazardous area light is ideally configured for rig applications, since the vibration resistant design eliminates the need for ballast and bulb replacement."

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Robert Bresnahan

SOURCE Larson Electronics