Larson Electronics Unveils New Portable Work Light Adjustable Tower and Wheeled Base

Apr 25, 2013, 09:15 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Larson Electronics has released a new portable work light that combines the versatility of wheeled mounting with the added convenience of an adjustable light tower.  Featuring heavy duty construction and dual high output metal halide light fixtures, the WAL-2X400MCE Portable Light Tower features produces over 70,000 lumens of light output capable of illuminating 50,000 square feet of work space, yet can be easily wheeled from one location to another and broken down for transport.


The WAL-2X400MCE Portable Work Area Light from Larson Electronics is an innovative lighting system that combines the power of a metal halide light tower with the convenience and portability of a wheeled mounting platform. This portable work light features an innovative design that includes a wheeled base platform for easy movement around the workspace, a detachable metal halide lamp assembly, and an adjustable center mast that can elevate the lamps to provide maximum area coverage. This work light is suitable for use in wet locations and features a pair of 400 watt metal halide lamps with die cast aluminum housings, precision-formed aluminum reflectors, and heat/impact-resistant tempered flat door glass for durability and reliable operation. The lamps are attached to a removable mounting arm with U-brackets that allow each lamp to be adjusted independently of the other. Each lamp contains its own integral pulse start ballast for faster warm up and reliability, and heavy duty mogul lamp sockets allow newer lamps with higher pulse ratings to be installed if desired.  The lamp assembly mounting arm attaches to an adjustable center mast that allows operators to elevate the lights for better coverage of large areas. The base stand features a wide footprint for stability and solid non static wheels to allow users to easily wheel the unit from one location to the next. To assemble the unit the user attaches the lamp assembly to the center mast and inserts a lock pin to secure it, the center mast can then be tilted up and locked into position and the mast extended for added height if desired. Once setup and the mast extended, the user can simply tilt the unit back and roll it into position as needed. All the parts of this unit break down and lock into holding positions on the base platform for added convenience, making it easy to take down and transport the system to the next location. The WAL-2X400MCE works with standard 110-277 universal current for added versatility and comes complete with 50 feet of SOOW cord fitted with a 5-15 straight blade plug for reliable and safe connections. This portable work light is a rugged and versatile lighting system that is at home in a wide variety of environments including shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction areas, plant operations, and just about anywhere a powerful yet portable source of effective illumination is required.

"The WAL-2X400MCE is an ultra-stable telescoping light tower that produces 800 watts of metal halide lighting for wet areas and construction sites," said Rob Bresnahan with  "Equipped with heavy duty polyurethane wheels and a unique mounting and transport system, this work area light is exceptionally safe and easy to deploy and take down.  Other solutions in the marketplace require the operator to lay the whole light system on the ground, put the light heads on and then try to erect the entire system.  I believe we have the only construction light on the marketplace and enables operators to mount the light heads on a staging mount and then safely elevate the light mast with our slide mount base stand."

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SOURCE Larson Electronics