Releases Cart Mounted 25 KVA Temporary Power Distribution Panel

Feb 05, 2013, 09:15 ET from Larson Electronics

KEMP, Texas, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The MGL25-8C-480-120V-GFI Temporary Power Distribution Panel from Larson Electronics allows operators to tap into and convert high voltage three phase 480V primary current to standard single phase 240V AC  and 120V AC for operating lights and equipment. Featuring a 25 KVA rated transformer, NEMA 4/12 rated load center housing, and fused primary and integral GFI breaker protection, this portable substation allows operators to safely utilize 3 phase 480V primary current where tapping into the local power grid is impractical or undesirable.


The MGL25-8C-480-120V-GFI temporary power distribution panel from Larson Electronics allows operators to step down 3 phase 480V primary current to standard single phase 120 and 240 VAC current and distribute it through multiple outlets for powering equipment and lighting. An included 50 feet of line power cord fitted with a 480V 60amp 3ph/4 wire plug allows operators to easily and quickly tap into generators and external lines running 480V 3 phase power. Primary current control is provided by a main on/off switch with fused disconnect for secure operation and safe primary feed to the onboard 25KVA transformer. The transformer steps down the 480V primary current to usable standard 240 and 120 VAC which is fed into a 125 amp load center with main breaker for protection against overloading. Secondary power is distributed through six 20amp, 120 volt, GFI protected waterproof duplex receptacles and two 30amp, 250v receptacles to allow convenient connection of equipment and industrial lighting requiring standard voltages. The secondary line includes additional protection in the form of six - 20amp, 125 Volt, 1 pole breakers and two - 30amp, 250v, 2 pole breakers. The load center is fitted with an optional glass door, (solid door standard) which allows operators to quickly and easily inspect the system for maintenance and servicing purposes. The load center housing is NEMA 4/12 rated for protection against the elements and constructed of steel with a durable grey finish for protection against corrosion and dampness. The entire 25 KVA transformer and load center assembly is mounted to a heavy duty cart with rugged rubber tires, allowing operators to easily move the unit about the work area without the need for forklifts or cranes. The cart and load center assembly are fully grounded and an included rear mounted storage rack provides convenient storage for the included 5o foot line power cord. This portable power transformer/substation is ideal for plant turnarounds and new building construction where connection to the local power grid is impractical or undesired and allows operators to run multiple devices including up to 1250 watts of lighting from a single source of high voltage 480V current.

"Our wheeled cart powder distribution panels have become one of our most popular configurations due to the overall portability," said Rob Bresnahan with  "Most of our power distribution panels are custom built to customer specifications, and many customers would rather wheel their panel around dolly cart style than use a forklift.  So we are creating more standard power distribution panel systems with wheeled cart style portability to meet that demand, and the MGL25-8C-480-120V-GFI."

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SOURCE Larson Electronics