Lateral Data Viewpoint 5.0: Super e-Discovery Processing Speeds—and No Supercomputer Required

Upcoming Version of Industry's Most Popular All-in-One Hosted e-Discovery Application Processes Data at Nearly 4GB/Hour/Single Dual-Core CPU; Tests Performed on Standard Workstations

Oct 27, 2010, 15:00 ET from Lateral Data

HOUSTON, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- e-Discovery technology leader Lateral Data, LP today announced the results of internal bench testing for Version 5.0 of its Viewpoint™ all-in-one e-Discovery software, showing a dramatic increase in its already leading data processing speeds.  Upon the release of Viewpoint Version 5.0 later this quarter, partners should experience processing performance up to 4 gigabytes per hour per each single dual-core processor—with no hardware upgrades required.

Lateral Data's unusually strong internal bench test results were achieved on three-year-old PCs, each running on a single dual-core processor with 2 GB of RAM.  Lateral Data believes the findings further establish Viewpoint as delivering the fastest speeds for full processing of any e-Discovery software in the marketplace today.

"e-Discovery processing performance doesn't mean much unless it is accomplished in the real world, on standard equipment found in the typical legal department or practice.  That's why we're very proud to announce these results for our upcoming Viewpoint Version 5.0," said Matt Berry, Founder and CEO of Lateral Data, LP.  "We've achieved speed enhancements twice the rate of our current product—which is already at the pinnacle of e-Discovery software applications.  In e-Discovery, where speed and quality are everything, Viewpoint continues to give users what they need most."

Lateral Data's tests were conducted using standard mixed-file data sets including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office data types.  All data was fully processed and ready for review with no additional conversions, export or import required. Workstations were running Windows XP.

Viewpoint, Lateral Data's flagship product, is a licensed solution that facilitates virtually all the major components of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) spectrum including collection and preservation of data, pre-processing, full processing, analysis, review and production.  Featuring a familiar Outlook-style interface, it also offers advanced capabilities including complex analytics, email threading, visual conceptual analysis and near-duplicate comparisons to keep pace with the needs of sophisticated requirements.

Because Viewpoint is an all-in-one solution, its speed advantages transcend processing power alone.  Viewpoint also eliminates time-consuming data exports and imports—a drawback to software alternatives that handle only part of the EDRM spectrum.  With Viewpoint all components are seamlessly integrated, thereby providing faster turnaround for time-sensitive cases.  Furthermore, the one-platform system provides better defensibility as all data resides within one repository.

"Viewpoint performs well on workstations, desktop PCs, or virtual machines.  We provide minimum hardware specs to our clients, but typically they are within what the end user has available," Berry noted.  "Our objective is to enable our partners to scale their e-Discovery on their existing hardware, without having to buy expensive and specialized 'super computers' to achieve top-level performance."

Viewpoint 4.6 is currently available for licensing to service providers, corporate legal departments and law firms.  For more details or to schedule a demo, log on to or call (713) 592-8585.

About Lateral Data:

Lateral Data, LP is a software development and data processing company headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Founded in 2003, the company has focused its software development and services efforts in the e-Discovery market; its flagship software application, Viewpoint™, covers the primary components of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, bringing end-to-end simplicity and affordability to service providers, corporate legal departments, law firms and OEMs.  Viewpoint is available stand-alone or for multi-tenant environments.  To learn more, visit

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