Launch of LifeGuard Structures: Introducing Personal Earthquake Protection Against Structural Failure and Building Collapse

Mar 16, 2011, 11:18 ET from LifeGuard Structures LLC

SEATTLE, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeGuard Structures LLC of Seattle, WA is introducing a product line of furniture designed to protect human life in an earthquake, especially in a multi-storey building collapse.  The new company is the first to provide personal bodily protection for people who live and work in earthquake-prone areas.  Desks, tables and consoles are built to support over a million pounds, while a person can remain safely inside with access to emergency supplies.  The furniture is body armor in disguise, attractive and built for practical everyday use.  LifeGuard™ adds a critical missing component to earthquake preparedness.

Underneath its skin, LifeGuard™ units are built like a tank.  Each LifeGuard™ product is comprised of a powerful steel skeleton with a "Crumple Zone™" which absorbs energy from large falling beams, floors or objects.  A person can easily fit inside with protection from all sides.  During an earthquake the floor keeps a person moving with the unit.  If a LifeGuard™ is on a collapsing floor, it will protect the person inside from impact and punctures from below.  Life-saving items stored within the furniture include a high quality respiration mask, emergency lighting, emergency blankets, tools, first aid, sanitary provisions, signaling devices and enough water and food to last for several weeks.

LifeGuard™ substantially increases the chances of survival during a building collapse and protects against the dangers of shifting debris during aftershocks and during excavation for rescue.

LifeGuard Structures has succeeded in creating a innovative solution to this worldwide problem: many millions of people are at risk in the buildings that they live and work in.


Based in Seattle, Washington, LifeGuard Structures is the developer and manufacturer of protective furniture for the office, school and home.  Its goal is to protect people from unexpected disasters by producing affordable, high quality, very strong protective structures.  For more information please visit their website at

SOURCE LifeGuard Structures LLC