Law Enforcement Alliance of America Unveils Newest Public Education Campaign

Oct 23, 2012, 18:07 ET from Law Enforcement Alliance of America

SPRINGFIELD, Va., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today begins Law Enforcement Alliance of America's (LEAA's) newest public education ads in Mississippi.  Part of LEAA's twenty years of education and outreach, these ads hope to educate, raise awareness and encourage the public to voice their feelings on the issues discussed.

LEAA is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims and concerned citizens.  For more than 20 years LEAA has worked to promote common sense, tough-on-crime criminal justice policy at all levels of government; in a nutshell, we believe in many "traditional conservative values."  For example, LEAA disagrees with the ideas pushed by run-a-way 'trial lawyers' and their supporters, we believe those in public service are not above the law and paying taxes, and we support tough, swift and severe punishment of criminals…. including so-called, 'youthful offenders.'

Retired police officer and LEAA Executive Director James J. Fotis remarked, "LEAA's members in Mississippi represent active and retired law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies as well as citizens for whom concerns about crime, criminal justice and self-defense continue to be a top priority."

Fotis added that as a non-partisan, non-profit police based organization that also supports victims' rights, LEAA plays an important role in providing information to the public.  This includes information on those who believe excessive and costly litigation is a means to obtain changes that can't be won through a state's legislative process (like the trial lawyers who wish to outlaw guns and punish law abiding business through lawsuits) as well as those in whom the public have placed their trust but don't always reflect traditional 'tough on criminal' values and accountability.

LEAA's Ted Deeds predicts, "Some politicians and opinion leaders will once again object to LEAA's exercise of free speech; they will try desperately to redirect away from our message and instead play 'gotcha-games' and attack the messenger.  As much as some may wish we don't have free speech rights, LEAA's ads speak for themselves and are supported by the public record and facts!"

The facts don't lie and LEAA will proudly remind the public of information that continues to be personally important.  LEAA values its role in helping keep Mississippians informed while strongly defending the Second Amendment and the rule of law.

LEAA receives no taxpayer funding and protects the privacy of its members and supporters (including those who are crime victims or law enforcement). LEAA has been recognized as a national leader in defending tough on crime public policy ranging from the death penalty to three strikes, as well as supporting the right of law abiding Americans to own firearms and defend themselves and their families with them. For information about LEAA and our public education efforts visit

With a demonstrated track record spanning more than 20 years and with tens of thousands of members and supporters nationwide, the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc., (LEAA) is the nation's largest coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens dedicated to making America safer.

SOURCE Law Enforcement Alliance of America