Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving Expands Paternal Grandparents' Rights with Important Legal Win

Feb 11, 2013, 08:07 ET from Law Offices of Jeffery Leving

CHICAGO, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 7th, 2013, the extent to which grandparents' rights have become a vital force in family court proceedings was made clear when Chicago child custody attorney Art Kallow won custody for the paternal grandparents of two at-risk children.

In an age when increasing numbers of young people are having children that they are unable to support, grandparents are often stepping in to provide young children the protection and guidance they need to grow up. Mr. Kallow's case was especially complex due to the number of parties and factors involved.

"Our win confirms that grandparents have expanding rights to provide for their grandchildren under the law and that grandparents' rights play an important role in the protection of the young and the welfare of the next generation," said the Chicago child custody attorney.

The children, aged four and one, were conceived out of wedlock. The paternal grandparents provided financial assistance to the couple early on in the pregnancies, paying for food and diapers, and subsidizing the apartment that the couple shared until roughly ten months after the second child's birth, when according to court records, the mother, allegedly a drug addict, left, taking the children with her.

With the father's support, his parents filed a suit for grandparents' rights after it became apparent to them that the mother's lifestyle posed a danger to the two small children. The mother moved the children in and out of nine different residences in three months, including two drug rehab centers from which she was expelled for breaking rules.

From June onwards, the children lived with the paternal grandparents in their home, and the rate of improvement in the children's development in this stable environment made it apparent to both the father and his parents that they should pursue grandparents' rights in court to secure the long-term well-being of the children, a course which was also recommended by Chicago child custody attorney Art Kallow.  

This court victory was the latest in a series of wins for grandparents obtained by Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd., which is well-known for fathers' rights cases involving Elian Gonzalez and a host of public figures. For more information on Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd., contact Jennifer Whiteside at (312) 296-3666. 

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