Lawrence Broder MD Weighs in on HCG Diet Controversy on the Dr Oz Show

Dr Lawrence Broder MD of Beleza Medspa Austin TX, discusses the appearance of Dr Sheri Emma on the Dr Oz Show. He explains all aspects of the HCG diet and how he has successfully supervised it for years. He discusses Dr Emma's protocol and how it compares to his program.

Feb 14, 2013, 07:54 ET from Beleza Medspa

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr Sheri Emma recently discussed the HCG diet controversy on the Dr Oz Show. First, Dr Oz interviewed a host of women who lost weight with the HCG diet. They by far lost more than 20 pounds each and have kept it off for years. Lawrence Broder MD been successfully administering an HCG diet weight loss program at Beleza Medspa for more than 3 years and his results are similar.

It was Dr Lawrence Broder MD's groundbreaking HCG video in 2010 that clearly explained why the HCG diet worked and why it was different. He clearly explained that the HCG itself did not cause the weight loss. The HCG was a crutch to assist the calorie restriction diet to cause the weight loss.

Dr Sherri Emma discussed a new HCG protocol on the Dr Oz Show. It appears her key changes focused on 3 main points: 1. changing the dosing of HCG during the diet, 2. adjusting the calorie count for different patients, and 3. exercise. Dr Broder has been making many of these changes for years. He uses a transdermal HCG cream that is as effective as the HCG shots. He has been modifying the calorie restriction requirement based on the patient's age, sex, size and activity level. However, he only encourages exercise for patients who already do so. Studies have shown exercise is best for weight maintenance and not initial weight loss.

Over the years Dr Broder has had overwhelming success with the HCG diet. It's safety profile while under medical supervision is very strong. A thorough understanding of how the diet works is critical to its success. He has already been implementing many aspects of Dr Emma's protocol with many satisfied patients.

SOURCE Beleza Medspa