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Oct 21, 2010, 12:26 ET from Lawson for Congress

22-year incumbent Congressman exposed through new website

CARY, N.C., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today the Lawson for Congress campaign launched a new website: "Nancy's Price" at  The site is dedicated to educating voters about 22-year incumbent Congressman Price's record in Washington.

"There is nothing more extreme than Rep. Price's voting record. David Price votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other congressman," said Martin Avila, Campaign Manager for Lawson's campaign. "After 22-years of serving in the House of Representatives, he's lost touch with himself and his district – he's addicted to the marble halls of Washington, he's become Nancy's Price."

"North Carolina voters may also be shocked to hear that David Price is about as far left a congressman as you can get. Price has received 'F' or equivalent ratings from dozens of government watchdog groups including the NRA, the Chamber of Commerce, National Taxpayers Union and Citizens Against Government Waste."

"Price is a driving force against the federal government's attack on the 2nd Amendment. He supports job-killing bills like cap and trade, champions amnesty for illegal immigrants and espouses the benefits of his government largesse through bailouts for Wall Street and wasteful stimulus."

"Interestingly, while Price claims to be a true-blue liberal to his base, he supports measures the left adamantly opposes, such as the war in Afghanistan and nation-building foreign countries while our infrastructure collapses at home, food safety legislation that hurts local farmers markets, and corporate welfare measures that see those who caused the economic collapse get richer while everyday people are hurting."

"22 years in Congress has put him completely out of touch with North Carolina voters, he's the ultimate big-government Washington insider."

"It's time for a reevaluation of the representation the 4th district of North Carolina sends to Washington. Voters want a congressman who is going to ask the tough questions and put our economy back on track. People are tired of the government trying to spend our way out of this recession. B.J. Lawson will be an accessible, conservative and constitutionally-minded voice for the triangle."

B.J. Lawson is a Constitutional conservative, medical doctor and small businessman running against 22-year incumbent David Price, who votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other congressman. For more information regarding B.J. Lawson's bid for North Carolina's 4th Congressional seat, please visit his website at

SOURCE Lawson for Congress