Lawson Responds to Price's Nothing but Negative Campaign

Oct 22, 2010, 13:39 ET from Lawson for Congress

22-year incumbent Congressman attacking honest, candid discussions and debate with voters.

CARY, N.C., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The B.J. Lawson campaign for Congress today responded to 22-year incumbent Congressman Price's recent ads and website accusations.

"This is what politics has come to? Price is continuing his negative campaign with an ad taking my quotes out of context, even when I'm responding to voters' direct questions," said Lawson. "I've held over twenty town halls and over fifty meet and greets engaging in an honest discussion with the voters."

"At nearly every public event, the Democratic party has sent the same guy, following me around with a camera, looking for that 'gotcha' moment. I knew he was there, we welcomed him, but it didn't deter me at all -- the voters deserve an honest dialogue."

"After over two decades in office, Price is addicted to Washington and will do anything to stay there. We call it Price's 'NBN' campaign: Nothing but Negative. The man just doesn't have a message, so he resorts to the same old Washington insider games - all fueled by huge amounts of special interest money."  

In response to the fact that David Price votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other Congressman, Price's website highlighted other facts, including that David Price voted with Republican Minority Leader John Boehner 1,565 times since 2007.

B.J. Lawson is a Constitutional conservative, medical doctor and small businessman running against 22-year incumbent David Price, one of the most liberal congressmen in America. For more information regarding B.J. Lawson's bid for North Carolina's 4th Congressional seat, please visit his website at

SOURCE Lawson for Congress