Lawsuit Funding Firm, Fair Rate Funding, Now Offering IVC Filter Lawsuit Funding for Qualified Applicants

Nov 03, 2015, 15:24 ET from Fair Rate Funding

MANASQUAN, N.J., Nov. 3. 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fair Rate Funding, a leader in the lawsuit funding industry announces today that lawsuit funding is available for plaintiffs involved in IVC Filter lawsuits nationwide.  Until recently, IVC Filter lawsuit plaintiffs were not able to secure lawsuit funding, also known as lawsuit loans or settlement funding.

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An IVC filter is a medical device which is placed in the inferior vena cava, the major vein connecting the legs to the heart. IVC filters are normally used in patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Embolism who cannot be anticoagulated because of a surgical procedure.  Their purpose is to capture emboli before they reach the pulmonary arteries.

However, multiple accounts of complications were reported and in 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a safety alert regarding these medical products. The FDA received 921 reports of adverse events from 2005-10 according to some sources. Reported complications involved:

  • Device migration
  • Filter perforation
  • Filter fracture
  • Detached device components (called device embolization)

Because these complications can be very serious, often requiring additional medical procedures to remedy, many victims filed lawsuits against IVC manufacturers seeking monetary damages to compensate them for their trouble and health issues.

Lawsuits of this nature take time to pursue, many months or years can pass while attorneys debate relevant legal issues.  Meanwhile, additional time and money spent for medical treatment can cause plaintiffs to feel financial strain.  IVC Filter Lawsuit Funding is now available to those plaintiffs in need of relief.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Funding Can Help

Fair Rate Funding specializes in advancing cash now for plaintiffs who are involved in personal injury lawsuits.  Sometimes referred to as settlement loans or lawsuit loans, settlement funding is NOT a loan transaction but a purchase of a portion of a future recovery.  If the lawsuit is unsuccessful for any reason and no money is recovered, the lawsuit funding is not repaid.

Paul Coppola, President of Fair Rate Funding commented on the ability of IVC Filter plaintiffs to have lawsuit funding as an option.  "We are pleased to announce that lawsuit funding is available to plaintiffs involved in the IVC Filter litigation.  We expect plaintiffs to utilize this source of funds as it is now available to them."

Many legal professionals can tell you, lawsuits can take years to settle in court. Most people do not have the money required to endure a lengthy court battle.  Often plaintiffs are unable to earn the same amount of income after their personal injury.  Meanwhile, the bills keep coming and plaintiffs are sometimes forced to accept "low ball" settlement offers simply to ease the financial strain.  This often leads people to feel helpless, defeated, and wronged. 

Fair Rate Funding specializes in large lawsuit funding amounts for serious personal injury cases and are one of the few lawsuit funding companies aggressively providing IVC Filter lawsuit funding.   

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By offering cash now to help pay for any type of expense such as car loans, rent and mortgage payments, utility payments, personal loans, and daily living expenses, Fair Rate Funding eases some of the financial stress these plaintiffs endure.  There are no restrictions on the use of the funds.

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Fair Rate Funding's representatives are working around the clock to make sure each and every client gets the attention they need and to see them through to obtaining a cash advance. Fair Rate Funding is able to offer the lowest rates in the industry and makes the process as seamless as possible.

Fair Rate Funding lawsuit settlement funding programs are not a lawsuit loan or lawsuit loans although they are often referred to as such.  A pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance is not a settlement loan or settlement loans because the advance is only repaid if the case is successful.  Your attorney will repay your case funding or lawsuit advance ONLY if your case is won or settled.  For answers to frequently asked questions about lawsuit funding, please visit:

Fair Rate Funding prides itself on providing the quickest approvals – as soon as 24 hours on most cases, the lowest monthly usage rates – as low as 2.5% per month, and the most attentive customer service in the lawsuit funding industry.

Fair Rate Funding also offers free case evaluations.  If you are, at any time, not interested in pursuing lawsuit funding, there are no costs to you and absolutely no obligations.

For more information about lawsuit funding and other services from Fair Rate Funding, simply call a representative at 888-964-2224 or visit us at

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