Lawsuit Loans Company Announces $41.7 m. in Lawsuit Loans for Concussion Victims and TBI Victims Arising from Auto Accidents until February 2016

Jun 17, 2015, 10:03 ET from Direct Legal Funding

NEW YORK, June 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Traumatic brain injuries and concussions are typically caused by car accidents and sports-related injuries.  Essentially Dr. Deckel, Dr. Clifford, and Dr. Meyer say that the high-speed impact of a car accident can cause lasting or permanent brain damage. 

Specifically Dr. Deckel states: "There are multiple forces that act on a brain when someone strikes their head in a car accident, experiences a fall, or suffers a traumatic brain injury.  In fact, any time the head is rapidly rotated backwards or forwards, damage to the brain can occur.  This rotation can be caused by the head snapping back and forth (i.e., when someone is shaken) or from a rapidly moving head suddenly stopping (i.e., when a head strikes a dashboard)."

Daniel Costanzo, the CEO of Direct Legal, says, "There are a lot of people in the past and present who are suffering from concussions and TBI, and many people who will suffer from them in the future, and the big insurance companies have simply swept them under the rug." If you have suffered a concussion visit:

Costanzo continues, "Now we are here to help the victims fight back." Daniel believes the insurance companies, just like the NFL, have taken advantage of the little guy and blown them off.  The NFL and NCAA just settled cases for $1b and $70 million. Read more:

Dr. Clifford, a neurology expert for over two decades, says concussions cause various neurological disorders like Parkinson's, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Dr. Deckel says, "It is not hard to imagine how that injury would literally tug on the axon connections and injure them.  On traditional MRI scans they can look like small white matter lesions, causing your neurologist to wonder if you have a so-called demyelinating disease (like MS) instead of realizing that head injury can cause these changes."

2010, Maryland: $1,763,067 Verdict. Plaintiff is walking down a sidewalk when a Travelers insured defendant backs up into him. The plaintiff suffers permanent disabilities due to a brain injury—including memory and concentration.  Travelers Insurance, the plaintiff's carrier, settles for an undisclosed amount. Prince George's County enters a default judgment of $1,763,067.

Direct Legal Funding was established in 2005 in New York, NY by Daniel Costanzo.  The company provides lawsuit loans for pending and settled cases.  DLF is looking for victims and injury lawyers that have clients suffering from TBI or concussions.

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