Lawyer Criticizes OSHA Spokesman for Statements Made Related to Transformers III Tragic Accident

Oct 13, 2010, 18:26 ET from Power, Rogers & Smith PC

CHICAGO, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago attorney Todd A. Smith, of Power, Rogers & Smith P.C. (, attorney for Gabriela Cedillo (docket no. 2010L11309), who was severely brain-injured in a recent accident on the set of the movie "Transformers III, sharply criticized an Indiana OSHA spokesperson's statements about the investigation into the accident for saying that Paramount had been "cleared" and was not "liable" for what happened to Ms. Cedillo.

"What needed to be 'cleared'?" Smith said. "Under OSHA's own terms, it simply did not have a specific regulation that could be cited as a violation. The only function they serve in this process is to assess if specific regulations have been violated.  Statements beyond that by any spokesperson were termed by OSHA themselves as over the line'."

Smith further determined that OSHA did not even have a metallurgist or engineer of any sort look at the correctness of the welding involved.  "The idea that the local spokesperson would suggest the work was done properly without any expert having actually looked at the welds involved is absurd and wrong."  "The fact is, the welds were completely improper based upon actual examination by engineers and metallurgist experts," said Smith.  Further, "when improper welds occur, and are related to a violent yanking of a cable, it is clearly "foreseeable" that there will be a breaking-loose as happened here, and people nearby are likely to be injured."

"The idea that OSHA didn't cite a specific regulation that was violated is not surprising," he said. "Particularly so when the welding connections are not assessed by experts."

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SOURCE Power, Rogers & Smith PC