Lawyers and Private Investigators Have Access to New Secure In-Office Remote Digital Forensics

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PLATTSBURGH, N.Y., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --, in collaboration with Southern Vermont Digital Forensics Laboratory and NY Computer Networks, is proud to announce Remote Digital Forensic services for the private legal practice markets. With the return of their associate MAJ Cristian Balan (CISSP, CHFI) from a recent tour of duty with the U. S. Army in Afghanistan, the team is well positioned to offer full Digital Forensic and Incident Response to clients throughout the U.S. and abroad.

"Computer forensics investigation is an increasingly important part of both civil and criminal trials, as more and more information is stored and transmitted electronically," said Frederick S. Lane, an attorney and computer forensics analyst. "Unfortunately, the cost of such vital work is often an impediment for clients. Remote Digital Forensics has the potential to substantially reduce the cost of forensics analysis and make it more affordable for a wide range of litigants and defendants." Lane, who also operates, will be one of the forensics analysts affiliated with

If new or existing litigation cases require Digital Forensics expertise or if there is a need for additional on-demand capacity to deal with an e-discovery case backlog, Remote Forensics is the answer for a law firm's needs.  The company's certified forensic examiners will work on your cases without the physical evidence leaving your office and without violating attorney-client privilege, evidentiary requirements, and chain of custody.  Their MetaLogic early case assessment will ensure both your civil and criminal cases are ready for initial meeting with your clients and in-house legal teams.

"We recognized that many law firms, needed an affordable solution to help clear up their Digital Forensics and e-discovery back log," said Craig Cantwell, SVDFL Forensics Laboratory Director. "By teaming up with Frederick S. Lane and Cristian Balan among others and using our Remote Digital Forensics POD system, we are able to offer more clients a better economy of scale, and quicker service at a price that they can justify."

The Remote Digital Forensics PODs allow computer forensics experts to conduct full speed remote digital investigations from anywhere in the world. The POD system is a patent-pending hardware/software solution, which offers fully secure, real-time imaging and analysis – allowing the company's team of forensic analysts to respond faster and eliminate travel costs. Using a fairly standard issue computer, a Digital Forensic expert in Vermont or New York, or anywhere in the world, can perform a full forensic investigation of a computer in California or Tennessee, or wherever without leaving his lab or the evidence leaving your office.

Remote Forensics comprises two key elements: a hardware all-inclusive 'POD' which is shipped to a client's location, and FIMS (Forensic Incident Management Service) software which acts as the bridge. Due to the unique nature of the architecture, no software is installed on the client's host system, no data is transferred over the Internet and there is no discernible effect on the client's network during imaging, as bandwidth is preserved. FIMS automatically records and logs all actions, ensuring that results are evidentially sound at every step of an investigation.  The PODs use industry standard software such EnCase and FTK and certified experts author the reports.

Remote Forensics professionals are ready to work on your clients' cases for a secure and timely response.  With the advent of Remote Digital Forensics, the level of service and responsiveness that first responders can provide has increased tenfold. The MetaLogic early case assessment services will ensure both your civil and criminal cases are ready for initial meeting with the legal teams.  FlexResponse professional services will ensure that the client has the additional expertise available on demand as a case unfolds. The average private law practice now has access to experts across the country or the world at a moment's notice and at an affordable price.

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