Layar Enters in Partnership With Telefonica I+D for Visual Search Technology

Sep 20, 2011, 05:00 ET from Layar

AMSTERDAM, September 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Layar, the largest open platform for mobile augmented reality (AR), today announced they entered into a strategic partnership with Telefonica I+D for providing them with their market leading Visual Search Technology: IRIS.  Visual Search enables Layar to search through millions of images to identify these images and correctly augment them on the mobile phone resulting in a more intuitive user experience.

Visual Search is a key component in the delivery of vision based Augmented Reality services to end-users. It makes it possible for real world objects to work as identifiers and/or hyperlinks for augmented reality experiences. Layar is adding IRIS Visual Search capability to their Layar Reality Browser, making it significantly  easier for users to discover relevant Augmented Reality content.

The goal of Telefonica's IRIS project is to develop a service that provides information related to an object just by taking a picture of it. The object needs no special packaging, tag or marker. For this objective, Telefónica I+D has developed and patented proprietary visual recognition technology. This technology enables the identification of objects such as supermarket products, logos, posters, or paintings among others. The collaboration of this project with Layar is framed within the Open Innovation initiative of Telefónica I+D.

David Marimon - Initiative Leader at Telefonica I+D: "When we started our collaboration, we immediately saw the synergy that we were building. Our visual recognition engine is a ground breaking technology delivered to users. Empowering Layar with this technology was a natural step."

Dirk Groten - CTO Layar: "Implementing Layar Vision, we immediately envisioned a solution encompassing both aspects of visual object recognition: on the one hand, a client side technology that recognizes and tracks images instantaneously based on their feature set (fingerprint), but it's limited to a few dozen images due to memory and processing power constraints. This we developed in-house. On the other hand, visual search technology, which is cloud-based and allows the client to recognize a specific image amongst millions of others. Iris is perfect at solving this problem. We've partnered with Telefonica I+D, hosting their IRIS Visual Search technology in the cloud allowing us to scale both in terms of search traffic as well as in the number of reference images."

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