Lead-Gen Startup Gopher Leads Shifts into Beta

Mar 02, 2016, 09:00 ET from Gopher Leads

App Pays Your Front Line to Generate Qualified Leads They See While On Their Route Easy, Fast, Improves Sales and Company Culture

TORONTO, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gopher Leads, which makes it easy for companies' front line to improve the bottom line, today announced it is rolling out in limited beta in the U.S. and Canada.

Today "lead generation" assumes some kind of digital interface. But many bricks-and-mortar companies still ask their drivers and service reps to send in leads via old-school paper cards or clunky CRM integrations. It's extra work, chock-full of inefficiencies, with no clear reward.

Gopher Leads is an app and platform that make it easy to capture a solid new lead with a photo and a few clicks -- and then pays the rep or driver right away with a secure e-wallet embedded in the App.

"We recognize that sales could benefit from the insights of the drivers and service reps who know their territory best and see what's new or changing: a business opening up, or a company that clearly isn't getting good service," said Sahand Sojoodi, Gopher Leads CEO and co-founder.

"But you have to make it easy. And what's also cool about Gopher Leads is that sales and the front-line both win when they work together." 

The company is now accepting a number of early customers to trial the new platform. Whether for waste management or landscaping Gopher Leads creates an extended sales-team arm with a company's front line. Once in the system, Gopher Leads manages the full sales campaign - start to finish - so leads remain fresh and active via a simple workflow and an automated platform. Gopher Leads rallies the whole workforce to contribute to the company's success.

"With more than 20 million front line workers in North America, we created Gopher Leads to make getting solid leads easier for companies. What better way to gain new prospects than by empowering your front line workforce - the people who interact with customers on their routes every day?" said Sojoodi. "We wanted to create a simple platform that would encourage sales and front line teams to collaborate to bring in new business -- It's great for company culture and probably really different in its recognition of blue-collar-white-collar collaboration."

"An unexpected but not surprising impact of Gopher Leads, has been the positive impact it has had on company culture as cross-company departments are encouraged to work together -- no more 'us versus them.'  Organizations are now working as one team," continued Sojoodi.

You can learn more about how Gopher Leads is empowering the front line to generate the best leads for the sales here: http://pr.gopherleads.com

Gopher Leads is now available for customers interested in beta testing the platform. Gopher Leads will be available for general release in May 2016. For more information, visit www.gopherleads.com.

About Gopher Leads
Launched in 2015, Gopher Leads is a privately held company that offers a new SaaS solution to generate solid leads for businesses. The platform is comprised of a downloadable mobile application for frontline users and a browser-based customer relationship management (CRM) system for the management and sales agents. Gopher Leads empowers the front line to generate the best leads for sales — and rewards them with cash as those leads progress. Their eyes and territory knowledge turn into not only better leads but a better company with stronger communication across all lines. Gopher Leads is backed by Extreme Venture Partners, a Canadian-based VC.

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