Leading Chinese Ceramic Manufacturer Acera Runs Promotion of its One-O-One Portable Travel Mug in New York's Times Square

Jan 04, 2016, 09:00 ET from Acera

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- China-based ceramic products designer, manufacturer and retailer Acera launched a promotion of its One-O-One portable travel mug on the massive digital screen overlooking New York's Time Square, one of the world's most trafficked locations, on January 1, 2016. It is estimated that 1.5 million tourists passed through the square on that festive day. Passers-by were observed stopping and watching the fashionable advertisement that was presented in both English and Chinese.

China's ceramic art is well-known worldwide. In recent years, ceramic ware producers have been combining the cultural art and the daily functionality of ceramics into products that have become highly popular among sophisticated Chinese buyers. Acera, known for combining art with practical use in the design of its products as well as for improving traditional ceramics with modern technologies, has been a pioneer in the transition of ceramics purely for decoration into ceramics with practical applications. The company has extended its artistic ceramic ware embodying Chinese culture and spirit beyond the purely decorative to tableware and other daily necessities. Its debut on the streets of New York with the LIVEN travel mug served to convey the concept of combining a classical art form with modern fashion to the world and promote the LIVEN product line as well as bring the world up to date on China's technical innovations in the world of ceramic art. Acera's LIVEN travel mug is expected to become a fashion necessity for women the world over, just like the handbag, as well as a leading product among the growing number of ceramic products with a practical application.

Acera's LIVEN travel mug is made of over 20 kinds of minerals, oxidized metals and raw ceramic materials. The cultural implication is embodied in the elegant design of the mug, which is able to release far infrared rays, otherwise known as the Light of Life, and negative ions. The ISO9001-certificated technology has received patents in the U.S. and Taiwan. Several scientific publications, reports and experimental results show that far infrared rays generate the excitation of the water molecules contained in any organism or any substance of which at least 6 percent of the content is water. Water, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks that receive this treatment become much smoother and pleasant to the taste.

Acera was founded in 1986. The LIVEN line of products combine Chinese and Western aesthetic designs to create tumblers, tall mugs, tea sets and other fine wares, assembling a high-value porcelain art collection with charm and character.