Leading Global Brands Sign Up For New WindMade™ Label

Nov 18, 2011, 10:00 ET from WindMade

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Major global companies including Motorola Mobility, Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg and Method have procured or have pledged to procure at least 25 percent of their operations' power consumption from wind energy.

The companies pioneering the use of the world's first wind power consumer label were unveiled today at an event hosted by WindMade™ and the UN Global Compact in New York.

The label allows participating companies to communicate the share of wind power and other renewable sources as part of the overall power demand of their operations.

"These companies are at the forefront of the global sustainability movement," said Henrik Kuffner, WindMade's CEO. "We are delighted to have them on board the unique WindMade™ initiative, and are confident that many others will follow suit in the coming weeks and months."

"Consumers are ready to act. 67 percent of 31,000 consumers globally have told us they would favor WindMade™ products, even at a premium," said Morten Albaek, SVP Global Marketing and Customer Insight at Vestas Wind Systems. "WindMade™ empowers people to choose brands that choose wind."

"We believe clean growth is good economics," said Sabine Miltner, Group Sustainability Officer for Deutsche Bank. "We believe in leading by example and have increased our use of clean electricity from seven percent to 65 percent over the last four years. WindMade is an important step toward more market transparency."

"It is Motorola Mobility's intent through our participation in the WindMade™ initiative to encourage greater use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar around the globe," said Bill Olson, director office of sustainability and stewardship, Motorola Mobility.

"The supply side of the clean energy sector can clearly deliver, but now it is time to galvanize demand. Government has done their part, and it is now up to the corporate community to demonstrate leadership by committing to clean energy development. WindMade™ provides us with a roadmap for achieving this," said Curtis Ravenel, head of sustainability, Bloomberg.

The WindMade corporate pioneers and founders are:

Motorola Mobility

Deutsche Bank

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Co.) Method

Better Place



G24 Innovation




Vestas Wind Systems



LEGO Group

For more information, see www.windmade.org.