Leading Hospital's Clinical Biomarker Research Team Selects BioFortis' Labmatrix Software for Scientific Data Management

Mar 23, 2011, 09:15 ET from BioFortis, Inc.

COLUMBIA, Md., March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Victor Levenson, a radiation oncologist at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, and his scientific team have recently selected Labmatrix™ to manage their biobanking and biomarker research activities at this top-ranking U.S. medical research institution. Labmatrix is a web-accessible collaborative scientific database software developed by BioFortis, Inc.

Dr. Levenson and his team discover DNA methylation biomarkers using genome-wide methylation assays for early detection and diagnosis of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases through patient blood and tissue samples. Finding certain biomarker patterns (via the team's unique MethDet assay) in patients can also determine prognosis of outcomes and prediction of drug resistance, as well as the selection and monitoring of treatment efficacy for those patients. Considered together with clinical observations, a patient's molecular biomarker profile should lead to a more accurate and effective medical treatment/prevention experience.

With the recent deployment of the Labmatrix database software, Dr. Levenson's team is able to manage patient clinical information, patient biospecimens, operational biobanking workflows, and biomarker research data in a centralized database system. Furthermore, team members and collaborators can directly retrieve answers to complex questions about collected data themselves from Labmatrix through an innovative graphical visual query tool.

Dr. Levenson states, "Being able to centrally track a wide range of scientific data in a proven database system is a key requirement in our vision of personalized medicine initiatives for deadly diseases. By having the Labmatrix database put in place, we can easily enter and get all of the relevant upstream and downstream information about disease areas, patients, biosamples, and biomarker profiles."

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BioFortis, Inc. provides enterprise software solutions within several key application areas including translational research, biobanking, biomarker discovery and clinical research. With the ability to centralize life sciences data sets in a tightly-linked, highly-annotated, and user-friendly manner, the Labmatrix application helps its customers to standardize on best practices in research data management within the biopharmaceutical industry, academia and government research institutions.


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