LeadLife Software Delivers Marketing Expertise At Your Fingertips

New, on-demand best practices are like having your own personal marketing expert to get you up and running quickly and ensure marketing success

Jun 22, 2010, 07:30 ET from LeadLife Solutions

ATLANTA, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- LeadLife Solutions (www.leadlife.com), an innovative provider of on-demand lead management software, today announced it has incorporated "best practices" throughout its software functionality that allows B2B marketers to automatically track, score, prioritize and nurture leads. With this knowledge enhancement, marketers can more easily apply marketing automation to their businesses, quickly driving near-term value and ROI.  

As evidenced by its enhanced lead management solution, LeadLife listened to its customers and delivered what they said they needed. From day one of a marketing campaign, LeadLife customers can now manage every aspect of lead management as if they had a marketing automation expert by their side.

"Businesses know they need to automate activities like lead tracking, scoring and nurturing for greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency. We've literally poured the best ideas, techniques and tips into our LeadLife software so they are accessible at precisely the moment they're needed," said Lisa Cramer, president of LeadLife. "It's analogous to having a top golf pro walk the course with you and teach you how to hit each shot before you actually do."

LeadLife feels it is important for its users to not only have the latest marketing automation software technology – but to also have tried and tested knowledge from top marketers to accelerate their campaigns.

"LeadLife strongly deserves the recognition they have received as experts in marketing automation," said Christine Smith, director of Global Marketing for Aderant, a LeadLife customer. "Embedding their knowledge directly into their product, in context, is a great way to leverage their experience so that all of LeadLife's customers get not only marketing technology, but also increased marketing results and ROI gained through easy access to best practice information."

The numbers verify LeadLife users' effectiveness in their campaigns. Companies report improved conversion rates up to three times, increases in qualified leads by up to 78 percent, and a decrease in their sales cycle from months to weeks. This new "Expert in a Box" helps B2B marketers of all sizes to achieve similar results faster than ever before.

"Marketing automation vendors all talk about the importance of best practices, which are industry-proven processes and techniques for improving lead quality and turning prospects into sales-ready buyers. However, LeadLife has embedded its technology with simple, on-screen, best practices instruction that shows marketers how to actually implement these tried and true methods," said Cramer.

Best practice guidance and insights in LeadLife are intuitive, corresponding to the user's activity within the product, such as campaign tracking and lead scoring; setting up drip marketing and e-newsletter campaigns; measuring and tracking marketing ROI; automating lead nurturing processes; and more. The embedded capabilities significantly enhance user-friendliness and go beyond what's available with any other system on the market.

LeadLife with embedded best practices is available now to new and existing customers. For more information, go to www.leadlife.com or send an email to info@leadlife.com.

About LeadLife

LeadLife Solutions is a provider of on-demand marketing automation software with embedded best practices that enables B2B marketers to automatically track, score, prioritize and nurture leads. With LeadLife's flexible and intuitive software, you can increase the value of your lead generation dollars online/offline, qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles and increase your marketing ROI. At LeadLife it's not only about leveraging automation, but also delivering lead management best practices to increase marketing and sales success. For more information on lead management and our best practices, please visit www.leadlife.com or call 1-800-680-6292.

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