Leap Wealth Management: Dallas Ft. Worth Investment Advisor and Financial Planner

Jan 05, 2010, 10:15 ET from Leap Wealth Management, LLC

DALLAS, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Certified Financial Planner Chris Leap today announced the formation of Leap Wealth Management, LLC, an independent registered investment advisor that helps individuals and families build wealth and achieve financial security. The firm, based in Dallas, offers private investors the sophisticated financial planning and asset management services normally reserved for large institutions and the very wealthy, and combines them with a dedication to the highest quality personal service.

"We established Leap Wealth Management because we believe private investors deserve knowledgeable and impartial financial advice, free from conflicts of interest," Mr. Leap said. "But to be truly successful, they also need the comprehensive financial planning services granted to top executives and access to the sophisticated asset and risk management strategies available to large institutions."

As Certified Financial Planners, the firm's principals help clients organize their finances and create comprehensive financial plans that guide them toward the realization of their financial goals. As investment advisors, the principals develop risk-adjusted investment strategies to help clients achieve financial objectives and build and preserve wealth within comfortable risk parameters. The firm employs institutional-level asset allocation methods and risk management techniques to select appropriate investments for clients and construct and manage their portfolios.

"We allocate client capital across diversified and uncorrelated asset classes to reduce portfolio volatility," Mr. Leap said. "But we endeavor to do more than just protect capital; we employ an active asset allocation strategy to take advantage of market changes and catalytic events. We shift asset weightings when appropriate in an effort to generate positive returns even in the most challenging markets."

Leap Wealth Management is an independent, privately-owned firm. Its investment decisions are not dictated by any brokerage firm or mutual fund company. The firm is also a fee-based financial planner and investment advisor. It is not paid commissions on investments selected for clients and does not trade accounts to generate income. Advisory fees are based on assets under management, so the firm is clearly aligned with its clients' interests. The firm's compensation can only increase if a client's portfolio increases in value.

Investors may obtain more information on Leap Wealth Management by telephoning 214-420-7441 or by visiting the website at www.leapwealth.com The address is 8604 Greenville Ave., Suite A101, Mailbox B12, Dallas, TX 75243.

Contact: Chris Leap, CFP at 214-420-7441

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