Lee Financial Planner Helps Retirees Increase Social Security Benefits

Feb 26, 2013, 10:00 ET from Mark Kinney

LEE, Mass., Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Mark Kinney, President and Founder of Toole Kinney & Co. Financial Services, unveiled his newest website www.IncreaseMySSBenefits.com to address the little known facts and "secrets" about Social Security benefits.

Kinney launched this website to teach readers ways to increase their Social Security benefits by potentially 60% or more. He sees the problems many seniors are facing when collecting their Social Security benefits and wanted to give away his tips to increasing their benefits and income.

"Many planning for retirement are advised to view Social Security as a marginal addition to their post-career income. However, at a time when company pensions are disappearing and stock-market returns volatile, a resource offering a predictable and sustainable income for life, that also keeps up with inflation, should be maximized to the extent legally available…unfortunately many have not," Kinney said.

Kinney notes that over 70% of Americans today have gotten their Social Security benefits the wrong way, and many cannot receive the advice they want, and deserve, due to strict regulations at local Social Security offices.

Kinney provides ways for married couples, divorcees and singles, to increase these benefits and create income for life in ways they never knew possible. These little-known options can make a big difference in the income one can receive, especially because many of these secrets are underutilized by those of, or over, full retirement age (FRA).  

Using his knowledge and client's vital retirement information, such as the time of a client's election, when they access their retirement benefit, and how they address Medicare Part B premiums, Kinney can evaluate their Social Security benefits and put a plan in place to potentially increase their income.

"Whether someone is about to elect benefits, or has been receiving them for years, they should consult an advisor qualified in Social Security planning. There is a brief window of opportunity that may allow time for a "DO OVER," enabling correction of any mistakes," Kinney added.

Mark Kinney, Certified Financial PlannerTM, has been serving retirement investors since 1987, and is the founding partner of Toole Kinney & Co. Financial Services located in Lee, MA.  Should you wish to speak with Mark, he may be reached directly at (413) 243-2654 x25. For more information on Toole Kinney & Co. Financial Services, visit www.toolekinney.com.  

SOURCE Mark Kinney