Legal & General Reports Highlight How Much Mums Deserve the Love of Life Insurance

Mar 07, 2013, 05:00 ET from Legal & General

LONDON, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Make this Mother's Day count with a priceless present

It has been said that every mother is a working mother, and it certainly rings true when you do the maths.

According to Legal & General's Value of a Parent research carried out in 2013, an average 71 hours a week is spent on household tasks like cleaning and childcare, which is valued at £608 a week and £31,627 a year. The average cost of raising a child each week is £165, which over 18 long and expensive years works out to £154,440. Add up all the sums and a mother works out to be worth her weight in gold.

While impossible to put a price on the real value of any mother, it doesn't do any harm to try.  Additional reports from Legal and General show a startling statistic: only 51% of mothers surveyed have any sort of life cover, which leaves a family heavily unprotected should the worst occur.

With so many unprotected from the unknown, the best present to give a deserving mum this Mother's Day is life insurance cover. Though flowers, chocolates and cards may look prettier, they are just frills compared to much bigger and better gift.

Looking at the numbers, the cost of critical illness cover seems an incredibly small payback compared to the hours and care invested in by mothers. At just £6 a month (the equivalent to just 20p a day), grateful children can insure a priceless life the best they can.

The policy is reassuringly extensive. The life insurance cover includes a cash sum payout on event of death, the option to add critical illness cover and fixed premiums unless altered by the customer.

Additionally, if flowers and chocolates are still a requisite, Legal & General offer the gift of a £50 M&S voucher when insurance is applied for online. Alternatively, customers can phone to receive £30 M&S vouchers for free.  There really is no excuse not to go the extra mile and treat Mums to the most important present of all - just do the maths and give her one less job to do.

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