Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Expects NFL Concussion Suit Settlement Amount to Reach $1BIL.

Settlement Funding Firm believes a Judge's denial of original $765MM settlement agreement will be increased in upcoming months, on the heels of a new Pain Killer Suit against the NFL involving ex-QB Jim McMahon and other 1985 Chicago Bears' Super Bowl teammates.

Jun 25, 2014, 05:00 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

SAN FRANCISCO, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, the Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today an update in concussion lawsuits based off of inappropriate NFL medical care. After the 2013 NFL settlement to pay $765 million, the 4,000 former football stars that blame the league for hiding injuries, concussions, and potential health risks are relieved that a federal judge denied the offer in order to provide further necessary assistance to the plaintiffs. Jim McMahon, former Bears star quarterback has experienced suicidal thoughts and emotional trauma due to injuries that weren't properly tended to.

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New York Daily News stated, "McMahon told reporters that doctors in New York have helped him relieve some of his pain. He learned a few years ago that he suffered a broken neck at some point during his career, as well as numerous concussions." Andrew Seligman of the National Post reported, "McMahon said he had three to five diagnosed concussions and who knows how many more that went undiagnosed. That's in addition to injuries to the kidney, broken ribs, an addiction to painkillers, and a broken neck that he said team doctors and trainers never told him about."

McMahon, as well as some of his teammates –including DE Richard Dent- for the 1985 Super Bowl team have now filed a separate legal proceeding, in San Francisco regarding medical malpractice and negligence claims against the NFL for team doctors prescribing painkillers to ensure players would remain on the playing field. 

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay commented on both litigations, "It seems the NFL is under intense scrutiny from the series of injuries that are now manifesting from their former stars. Our sources deeply involved in the litigation believe that the concussion suit alone could now top a total settlement amount of $1-2 billion when it's finally approved. The painkiller suit is in the infantile stages; however the possibility of gross negligence and violation of a state medical protocol of prescription filling by the team doctors is a very serious accusation." 

If Legal-Bay's numbers are right, the average settlement value for the 4,000 plaintiffs in the NFL concussion suit could be approximately $250k-500k. However, the injury ranges and long term care needs are varying; as most players will get much less than that, while other players with the most serious medical care will get more.

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Jim McMahon isn't the only one facing these issues, many past players are suffering today from dementia, neurological problems, concussions, and drug addictions due to the NFL's alleged medical mistreatment. Major and minor surgeries involving; neck, back, fusions, shoulders, brain, internal procedures, pain shots, broken bones, sprains, and several other procedures are just a sample of the few potential claims a plaintiff might have. Living and Travel expenses due to necessary medical care can also be in reason for compensation.

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