Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Announces Increased Focus On B.P. Oil Spill Cases In Midst Of Court Delays

Pre-Settlement Funding Firm continues with their expansion plans with adding additional staff and resources for B.P. BEL Settlement Funding.

May 12, 2014, 04:00 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

NEW ORLEANS, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they have begun to place an even greater focus on B.P. Business Economic Claim cases.  The company has been an industry leader in all types of lawsuits; however recently the company has expanded their internal staff and financial resources to assist plaintiffs and victims of cases involving the B.P. Oil spill at a time when almost all other companies in the industry have stopped funding B.P. altogether.

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Legal-Bay and its investors have pledged up to $10MM to assist business owners who need cash flow for their business from their B.P. Settlement.      

Patty Kirby, COO and Head of Client Relations, commented on the company's new lawsuit cash advance programs, "Cases involving B.P. BEL Claims are typically not the focus of most lawsuit funding companies; however our management has done everything in their power to provide not only the best customer service on these cases but the highest approval rates in the industry.  Clients that have been turned down elsewhere should not be deterred from applying with Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding.  Our dedicated staff is highly trained and focused on approving and funding cases involving the landmark B.P. settlement, whereas many of our competitors have stopped funding until the appeals are fully completed."

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Legal-Bay's lawsuit settlement funding programs should not be confused with a lawsuit loan or lawsuit loans, as many plaintiffs refer to them.  The pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance is not a settlement loan or settlement loans, as the funds only need to be repaid if the case is won.    Therefore, the non-recourse cash advance is risk free to the plaintiff: if you lose the case you owe nothing; and there are no monthly service fees like a credit card.  Your attorney will repay your case funding or lawsuit advance when –and if- your case is fully settled.  

Legal-Bay's sales and administrative staff is dedicated in providing the fastest approvals –as quick as 24 hours on most cases, the lowest monthly usage rates – as low as 2% on most B.P. cases, and the most courteous customer service team in the legal funding industry.

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Legal-Bay provides free case evaluations on your case, so if you are not interested in proceeding after your approval is granted, you can simply walk away without paying any upfront or out of pocket fees.  To apply for lawsuit settlement funding call Legal-Bay's toll free hotline right now at: 877.571.0405 where live agents are standing by 24 hours a day to answer any of your questions.  You many also apply online at: and an agent will contact you shortly.

Patty Kirby, COO/Head of Client Relations
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