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Case Funding firm reports J&J's DePuy Pinnacle model wins first Bellwether trial in Texas, as original Depuy ASR first settlement wave winds down by first quarter of 2015 and Bloomberg reports another 1k ASR cases to be settled for $250K per hip.

Nov 04, 2014, 05:00 ET from Legal-Bay LLC

HOUSTON, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today that Johnson & Johnson won in the first bellwether trial recently in the case against their DePuy Pinnacle system metal-on-metal hip implant device. The plaintiff claimed the design was defective and the company failed to adequately warn the patient of the potential complications, however, J&J proved victorious after a seven week trial. Last year, DePuy settled over 7,000 lawsuits for $2.5 billion over a different hip implant device (the ASR device) which they recalled in 2010, but regarding the Pinnacle lawsuits, they opted to go to trial. DePuy defended their Pinnacle device which they stopped selling in 2013, claiming that it wasn't the defective design of the implant that was the issue, but the incorrect positioning of it into the body by a small number of surgeons. They insist that they had previously warned surgeons that incorrectly positioning the implant into patients' bodies could cause damage tissue and device failure. The jury deliberated for two days, and ultimately rejected the plaintiff's allegations, deciding the plaintiff's injuries were not caused by failure or negligence on DePuy's behalf. The bellwether trial took place in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas under Judge Ed Kinkeade. There are still 6,500 cases pending relating to the company's Pinnacle hip implant device, and the next trial is scheduled for January.

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Patty Kirby, COO and Head of Client Relations, commented on the recent trial, "The Pinnacle loss in the first trial creates some concerns for plaintiffs of this litigation, because Johnson & Johnson has been fighting the Pinnacle hip vigorously, despite its close design to the ASR model. We anticipate the ASR first settlement cases to wind down by early 2015, while the Pinnacle litigation we expect to be fought hard. Regardless, we stand ready to assist both clients of the DePuy ASR and Pinnacle hips that need funds to pay bills regardless of when or if their case will ultimately settle. We continue to monitor all the hip lawsuit settlement news, and also continue to actively fund the Stryker, Biomet, and Wright hips as well."

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  • Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Stem and the ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem Update: Stryker hip replacement lawsuits are growing and continue to proceed in New Jersey's Bergen County Superior Court in multicounty litigation under Superior Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti. According to court records, over 2,000 Stryker hip complaints are currently pending. Settlement discussions are reported to be underway, however nothing new is expected until 2015 or later. Both the Rejuvenate hip stem and the ABG II have been recalled, but the Stryker Accolade hip has not; Legal-Bay continues to fund those cases regardless.
  • Wright Conserve/Profemur Update: According to an updated Case List issued September 15, 2014, approximately 800 claims have been filed against Wright Medical Technology, Inc. relating to their Conserve hips in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. The filings are growing, and the plaintiffs involved have had Wright Conserve hips as well as Wright Profemur hip replacements. The cases are underway in a multidistrict litigation in the U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Georgia. The first bellwether trial could began as early as March 2015.
  • Biomet M2a Magnum Hip Implant Update: The multidistrict litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana began in 2012 and Biomet, Inc. reached a $56 million settlement in February of 2014 for an average of $200K per hip. Legal-Bay is providing settled case funding on these cases that are included in the first settlement wave, and pre-settlement funding on any new claims still pending.
  • J&J/DePuy ASR and Pinnacle Hips: ASR Settlement reached for approximately 7K claims; and reported another 1K cases about to be settled for a base award of $250K per case.  However, this leaves 25% of the cases still pending, and still time for ASR claims to be filed in many jurisdictions.  Pinnacle hip cases remain unresolved and DePuy has been victorious in its first trial, in which the plaintiff walked away with no award.  More than 6500 Pinnacle claims remain pending and are expected to drag on for the foreseeable future, according to legal experts. 

Legal-Bay urges patients of any of the above hip implants, whether on recall or not, who are having pain symptoms or metallosis –which is cobalt or chromium poisoning of the blood from metal hip fragments- to seek immediate legal counsel. You could be entitled to compensation of $250K or more, however, the time to file a claim is limited with each passing day. 

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