Lemnis Lighting Launches Breakthrough Portfolio of Pharox Line LED Bulbs at 2010 LIGHTFAIR and Launches New Website thepharox.com

-- World's Leading Consumer LED Lighting Company Unveils Six New Bulbs, Now Offering Complete Product Portfolio --

May 12, 2010, 09:00 ET from Lemnis Lighting

LAS VEGAS, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Lemnis Lighting, the leader in LED lighting innovations, announced the launch of six new bulbs including the Pharox 500, a warm white retrofit for an incandescent bulb, emitting 500 lumens, making it the brightest dimmable LED retrofit for sale on the market today.

Adding to the company's current product roster including the Pharox 200 and Pharox 300 bulbs -- one of the first LED products to feature the Lighting Facts label and the only Lighting Facts labeled dimmable warm white LED replacement lamp with 60L/w -- the Pharox 500 is a dimmable in-socket bulb that consumes 7 watts of power and will last an estimated 25 years. The Pharox 500 will be one of the brightest dimmable LED bulbs available at a cost lower than $0.10 per lumen. The bulb will soon be available on the company's new website www.thepharox.com to consumers looking to transition to warm, white efficient LED lighting for the home.

Lemnis Lighting also introduced the new Pharox MR16, the Pharox Candelabra and a PAR style downlight named Pharox 800, rounding out a complete product portfolio of the most commonly used bulbs in residential and commercial applications. In addition, the Pharox 200 and 300 series are expanded with Pharox 200 Flame and Pharox 300 Flame to play into the growing demand for soft white lighting. The Flame products, which emit a warmer color light, are suitable for use anywhere where there is a need for optimum ambiance.

The Pharox 800 is an in-socket downlight bulb emitting 800 lumens of familiar warm white light, offering an alternative to a non-LED downlight over the bulb's 17-year lifespan. The Pharox 800 marks an 85 percent energy savings compared to an incandescent or often used halogen downlight.

Another halogen replacement, the Pharox MR16 is an ideal LED alternative, producing 300 lumens of warm white light and consuming 5 watts of energy (compared with 35 watts for a typical halogen bulb), while lasting up to 10 times longer. The LED retrofit features identical dimensions as a halogen, yet lights up immediately and operates at a much lower temperature than a halogen bulb, which flickers when turned on and can present a fire hazard if left on for even a short time.

At 170 lumens of warm white light, the Pharox Candle lasts up to 10 years, and consumes 4 watts of energy compared with 25 watts for a standard incandescent candle bulb. Designed to be used in typical chandelier fixtures, the average life on the Candle is 10 years at 80% energy savings over incandescent chandelier bulbs.

"We are thrilled to offer our customers an increasing number of LED alternatives to energy-wasting bulbs," said Remko Gaastra, CEO of Lemnis Lighting. "We've designed our Pharox products to replicate the form of traditional incandescent bulbs and fit US residential and commercial fixtures, allowing consumers to easily make the shift to more energy efficient lighting without sacrificing light quality or aesthetics. We believe this suite of products will usher in a new wave of consumer confidence that the time is now to switch to LED lighting."

"Lemnis Lighting's goal is to make it easy for consumers to switch to new and better forms of lighting while saving dollars, energy and the environment," said Warner Philips, Co-Founder of Lemnis and President of Lemnis Lighting USA. "These products make it attractive to switch and the increased interest and accelerated demand for our products have necessitated the doubling of our team in the US over the next few months."

Lemnis Lighting also launched its new consumer facing website www.thepharox.com.

"From the start, Lemnis has distinguished itself through innovative distribution models," said Philips.  "Many consumers will research LED products online and there has been increased demand from consumers, so we will be offering our full suite of products online beginning Q3 2010."

For a complete listing of products and specifications or to purchase Lemnis products, please visit www.thepharox.com.

About Lemnis Lighting:

Lemnis Lighting is a frontrunner in the field of consumer LED lighting solutions and the #1 Consumer LED company in the world with 2.5 million Pharox bulbs sold in 2009. In November 2006, Lemnis introduced Pharox, the first LED light bulb that can realistically be viewed as an up-to-par replacement of the incandescent light bulb. This technology has additional applications in outdoor and greenhouse lighting. In 2009, Lemnis Lighting won the World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer Award, as well as the World Bank's Lighting Africa Award. Lemnis Lighting has offices in the Netherlands, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore. Lemnis Lighting B.V. is a Dutch limited liability company and is a subsidiary of Tendris Holding. Tendris Holding initiates, develops and invests in companies that focus on sustainable, market-oriented and environmentally friendly solutions. For further information, please visit www.lemnislighting.com

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