Lessen the Impact of Type 1 Diabetes with a Skilled Sleeve Gastrectomy and Lap Band Surgeon

In light of a new study, Dr. Michael Feiz is ready and able to help severely obese sufferers of both forms of diabetes

Jun 11, 2014, 16:19 ET from Dr. Feiz and Associates

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is looking very closely at an exciting new study from the Cleveland Clinic that indicates weight loss procedures performed by a gastric sleeve or lap band surgeon may have a dramatic impact on the health of severely obese sufferers of type 1 diabetes.  The fact that such procedures as lap band and sleeve gastrectomy surgery can greatly improve and even reverse the more common type 2 diabetes has been generating a great deal of attention in recent months. Up until recently, however, many medical authorities believed that the impact of weight loss procedures on type 1 diabetes - an autoimmune disease formerly referred to as "juvenile onset diabetes" - would be minimal. However, Dr. Feiz is excited to note that the new study, which appears in the journal Diabetes Care, is showing that obese bariatric patients with type 1 diabetes are experiencing significant improvements. While reversing the condition appears unlikely, patients have been able to reduce their insulin dosage by as much as 70 percent.

"These patients will enjoy the metabolic benefits of bariatric surgery, even if we can't put their diabetes in remission," the leader of the Cleveland Clinic study, Dr. Stacy Brethauer, said to the web site MedPage Today. She added that, while many obese patients with type 1 diabetes often suffer from multiple health issues, weight loss surgery has become safe enough for members of high risk groups. Experts have also pointed out that extremely obese individuals with type 1 diabetes also frequently suffer from type 2 diabetes as well, so the potential for dramatic improvement following a significant weight loss appears to be extremely likely.

While many prospective bariatric patients today concern themselves with such matters as the relative benefits of lap band vs. gastric sleeve operations, it's just as important that individuals seek out the best medical care available. Especially for patients who may be suffering from various health challenges - possibly including both types of diabetes - it's crucial they seek out a highly skilled and experienced weight loss surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz to ensure the most positive outcome possible.

The nationally prominent surgeon, who was featured earlier this year helping a mother and her two daughters to overcome their obesity on an episode of TV's "The Doctors," is known for his vast medical knowledge and ability to deal with the most challenging procedures. A leading innovator in minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, Dr. Feiz boasts an outstanding record of safe and successful procedures.

Now that it appears that weight loss surgery can help sufferers of both types of diabetes, the potential for Dr. Feiz to transform and save lives threatened by severe obesity may be greater than ever. For further information, please call 800-868-5946 or visit www.drfeiz.com. Free seminars are available on a regular basis.

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