Let's Get It Done! Release of Swingdo, A New Smart iPhone app

Dec 18, 2015, 12:15 ET from BHI Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- What was it I had to do next? Swingdo organizes your To-dos, catches forgotten mails and schedules them around your calendar, to help you.

BHI Inc. released today its latest productivity app Swingdo. The app uses machine learning to list up your To-dos, in an order that fits around your immediate schedule. It also keeps an eye on your emails which you are replying but forgetting to send.

"Let's get it done! Swingdo" is the apps slogan and it gives users a new To-dos experience. Ever feel like you are not sure what to do next? We are buried all the time under a mountain of To-dos. Too many To-do apps just list them, while Swingdo goes an extra step. It will suggest appropriate time to do them, helping you get things done.

"Less is More" is the core concept for the app. No more jumping between To-do and calendar, to check scheduling. No more jumping between To-dos and mail, to make a reply. Get it all together in one place. Get the machine working for you. That is what Swingdo is about.

Core Functions

  1. Automated scheduling of new To-dos.
    With a simple UI, enter and edit To-dos. New To-dos are automatically scheduled in a time line around your upcoming calendar in the Swingdo timeline.
  2. Picks up mail you forgot to reply to.
    Swingdo keeps an eye on your email accounts in Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook and Twitter for mails that you normally reply to, but have forgotten to.
  3. Consolidates all you need to do in a single timeline.
    Not just your regular To-dos listed up. Your To-dos put nicely into time slots, around events in your calendars. Appropriate To-dos for appropriate sized gaps in your calendar, so you know what you have to get done.
  4. Machine learning and automation.
    Time sensitive To-dos, general To-dos, must-dos and wanna-dos, all should have different priorities. Events in your calendar are time sensitive too. Using machine learning To-dos are prioritized and then automatically scheduled around your existing schedule in your calendars. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, the more it helps you.
  5. Covers all the major calendar and mail services plus Twitter.
    Offers the ability to consolidate work into one single app, saving time jumping around various apps to get stuff done. Swingdo is your consolidated To-do list pulling in all your accounts.

Application Specification

  • Name: Swingdo
  • Release date: 17 December 2015
  • Price: Free
  • Supported OS: iOS8 or above
  • Supported iPhones: iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6 plus/6s/6s plus
  • Covered email services: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Twitter DMs
  • Covered calendar services: Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar

Swingdo Screenshots URL:

Demo Movie: https://vimeo.com/148380461
Service URL: https://swingmail.co/swingdo/

For more information, visit http://swingmail.co or contact:

PR contact, +81-366-611-894, press@swingnow.co

About BHI Inc.

Founded in Tokyo in March 2013, BHI Inc. develops iPhone productivity apps that help people get more out of life. The focus is on making apps smarter and implementing machine learning and language processing in the productivity app space. There are two apps currently released. The flagship mail app Swingmail and the smart Todo app Swingdo. The apps are available on the Apple App Store in selected countries around the world.

BHI Inc. is a part of Tokyo-based Samurai Incubate Inc. The company received funding from Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd. in April 2014.

About the Swingmail project

The Swingmail project aims to offer an alternative lifestyle, amid the accelerating informational overload, fragmentation, and clutter. In an age where "efficiency" is defined as doing more in a limited time, this project designs efficiency experiences around simply "having less to do" and having more time. We are working on making apps smarter for you.